Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe 

‘Tis the season… and today is the perfect day to be festive. The spring break that we received yesterday has long since worn off and it is almost business as usual here in New York. I have never been. Huge fan of the color red but I think burgundy is a great alternative. 

If you will be attending office parties this winter you want to create a balance between work wear and festive party wear. If your office is super conservative you may want to throw on a long vest or a blazer to cover up. I love the mesh top and this dress is so comfortable! 

I wore this dress on my birthday and played up the sexiness by adding a strappy bra and paired it with boots. I picked up this dress from Tick Tock as well for $28. You can find similar styles on websites like Missguided. It comes in Green and Black as well as a few other color ways. The green option wasn’t available at this local boutique but I think the burgundy is a perfect choice for the holidays.

You do not need any accessories for this look but you can always add a dainty or minimal necklace under the top for a girly flare. I would love to know what you guys wore to your office party so be sure to tag me in your photos. You can use the hashtag #ShopaholicPersonalStule or just tag me @thee_shopaholic on Instagram. I would love to share the looks with my readers. Happy Holidays, don’t eat too much, but most importantly, Happy Shopping! 



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