Month: February 2016

Thee Shopaholic Styled Me: Woman in the Jungle

I was feeling rather inspired to curate a tribal inspired photo shoot. I love melanin rich models and had to put something together using some pieces from my favorite designer Kira Nacole. Her pieces definitely drove the vision I had for this style story. 


I knew I wanted over the top makeup and gathered examples to show the makeup artist at the studio. I gave her a rough draft of how I wanted to girls to look but gave her free reign to create something that was her own. 


I loved the juxtaposition of the tribal markings and the delicate fabrics that were custom made by Kira. The beautiful models just pulled everything together to make the vision a reality. 

Some of you may remember the first installment of tribal fashion editorials that I put together about a year ago. I wanted to take another stab at the looks to see how much my creativity had evolved. The previous story was a lot darker and more raw. Makeup wasn’t deliberate and I feel it gave a more eery feel to the final look. 


If I were a woman in the jungle I would probably dress something like this. This was my take on tribal street style with an editorial flair. I had a lot of fun creating this style story and I have so much more to share with you guys.  

I have a bunch of images to add to my portfolio  and maybe when they are done I will come back and show you which ones made the final cut.  

I absolutely love melanin and I hope you enjoyed the images that I shared today. Until next time… happy shopping. 

Photographer: AKBAR | Stylist: Jessica Thee Shopaholic | MUA’s: Sue, Nicole Pichardo | Wardrobe: Kira Nacole Designs | Hair Stylist: Zee | Models: Tas, Justine, Kerry.


Shopaholic Personal Style

I was asked to be a guest speaker at a NYFWmixer last week. Avielle Amor asked me to attend her New York coming out party of you will and speak briefly about fashion and style. The focus was gear towards being stylish with short natural hair without concealing it.   

A lot of times as a fellow naturalista we tend to conceal our hair for special events and wear a wig or braids when we are going on a date or interview. I want you all to know this is not the case. It is absolutely possible to be fashionable and wear a dress and heels with a short natural coif. 

I had no idea what to wear to the event myself and ended up pairing a green jumpsuit with a floral duster. I loved how it turned out and decided to share my outfit with you guys along with a quick recap of the event.

I was so excited to see Erica (Glamzmore) in attendance along with a lot of beautiful sisters who came to show Avielle love.     
I also styled Avielle for the event in this Nasty Gal cape sleeve mini dress and gold sandals.i personally think she looked beautiful especially with her short tapered fro. 

I purchased my jumpsuit from a local Queens Boutique by the name of Tick Tock. The sleeveless jumpsuit was paired with a floral duster I picked up from the Trend section of H&M. I added a statement necklace with similar tones and a simple tan pointed heel to finish the look. 

I was so happy to have some of my friends come out to support me in my first event as a speaker. I look forward to more events like this in the coming year and hope you enjoyed. If you were able to attend or are sad that you missed the event j would love to hear about it in the comeents below. Until next time, Happy Shopping. 

Career Building and Social Media: Conversation 

I had the pleasure of being asked to speak on the topic of entrepreneurship. Being a business minded individual in a big city can be quite difficult and I was excited to be chosen to speak on it. Myself along with three other ladies were asked to speak on Kadiatou Sylla’s platform. The final edit goes up today and I just wanted to share some great information with my readers. 

We touched on the topic of not being discouraged by other social media stars. Not everyone is who they “post to be.” I won’t disclose too much info because I really want you guys to watch the video. I had a blast and the ladies dropped some serious nuggets of knowledge on the couch. 

K. Sylla was the lovely host of this conversation and she really touched on important issues in the business community. We all want to network and be the moguls of tomorrow. I appreciate her for starting this dialogue and I hope you guys will continue to talk about it in the comments.

Marsha Badger | Blogger and Writer has a blog called Marsh Bar’s Closet she is always creating content and behind the scenes of some of our favorite celebs. She added an uplifting and positive insight into the world of business and how to stand out. 

Kerry Walters | Skincare and Beauty Specialist. Kerry was a woman of few words but her colorful style and insight could not be forgotten. I can not wait to see all of us put our words into action to propel our careers forward this year. Her lifestyle blog is the perfect place to get ideas on new products to try to get perfect skin.

Ace Watson | Makeup Artist & Motivational Speaker. Delightful Ace as she is more commonly known talked about achieving the ultimate end goal and not worrying so much about the journey. People don’t often share the pit of their day. As humans we tend to share the highlights and she didn’t want us to loose sight of that. 

Jessica Thee Shopaholic | Wardrobe Stylist. You guys should all know this lady by now. If you want to know what I had to say you’re just going to have to watch over at I hope this inspires you to pursue your own dreams. I would love to know what you thought of it and if you would like to see more in the future. Until next time… Happy Shopping. 


Saint Records and Mixed Prints

I have really been feeling uninspired at the kick off of this year in fashion. I did not attend any of the New York Fashion Week shows I was invited to. If you follow my social media you probably know I have been knee deep in completing my new portfolio and it has kind of taken over my life. There is one person who consistently inspires me to try new things in fashion and that individual is Solange Knowles. 

Solange always dons the most unique fashion wears and I would love a day to play in her wardrobe. She constantly pairs the most tailored fabrics in bold and trendy colors and has a knack for pairing bold prints. Ever since she cut off all her hair she has really been on top of the fashion conversations. 

If I could model my wardrobe after her I would do so because I have a shared love for color. If you go through countless images of the songstress you won’t find much black. I believe that the tailoring of the garments polish the look and make them chic.

I definitely love the flair of her style. There aren’t many people that can pull off these bold looks. Her makeup is always super simple and enhances her natural beauty in every sense of the word. Only Knowles can wear head to toe green without looking like a potted plant. 

I love the overly structured details paired with the bold patterns. I would love to try to recreate some looks inspired by some of her best fashion accomplishments.

Solange is definitely a fashion icon and I can’t wait to watch as her fashion sense evolves. I have included some more of my favorite looks below for you to look through. I would love to know who your favorite fashion icons are in the comment section please share who inspires you to experiment with style.