Career Building and Social Media: Conversation 

I had the pleasure of being asked to speak on the topic of entrepreneurship. Being a business minded individual in a big city can be quite difficult and I was excited to be chosen to speak on it. Myself along with three other ladies were asked to speak on Kadiatou Sylla’s platform. The final edit goes up today and I just wanted to share some great information with my readers. 

We touched on the topic of not being discouraged by other social media stars. Not everyone is who they “post to be.” I won’t disclose too much info because I really want you guys to watch the video. I had a blast and the ladies dropped some serious nuggets of knowledge on the couch. 

K. Sylla was the lovely host of this conversation and she really touched on important issues in the business community. We all want to network and be the moguls of tomorrow. I appreciate her for starting this dialogue and I hope you guys will continue to talk about it in the comments.

Marsha Badger | Blogger and Writer has a blog called Marsh Bar’s Closet she is always creating content and behind the scenes of some of our favorite celebs. She added an uplifting and positive insight into the world of business and how to stand out. 

Kerry Walters | Skincare and Beauty Specialist. Kerry was a woman of few words but her colorful style and insight could not be forgotten. I can not wait to see all of us put our words into action to propel our careers forward this year. Her lifestyle blog is the perfect place to get ideas on new products to try to get perfect skin.

Ace Watson | Makeup Artist & Motivational Speaker. Delightful Ace as she is more commonly known talked about achieving the ultimate end goal and not worrying so much about the journey. People don’t often share the pit of their day. As humans we tend to share the highlights and she didn’t want us to loose sight of that. 

Jessica Thee Shopaholic | Wardrobe Stylist. You guys should all know this lady by now. If you want to know what I had to say you’re just going to have to watch over at I hope this inspires you to pursue your own dreams. I would love to know what you thought of it and if you would like to see more in the future. Until next time… Happy Shopping. 



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