Thee Shopaholic Styled Me: Woman in the Jungle

I was feeling rather inspired to curate a tribal inspired photo shoot. I love melanin rich models and had to put something together using some pieces from my favorite designer Kira Nacole. Her pieces definitely drove the vision I had for this style story. 


I knew I wanted over the top makeup and gathered examples to show the makeup artist at the studio. I gave her a rough draft of how I wanted to girls to look but gave her free reign to create something that was her own. 


I loved the juxtaposition of the tribal markings and the delicate fabrics that were custom made by Kira. The beautiful models just pulled everything together to make the vision a reality. 

Some of you may remember the first installment of tribal fashion editorials that I put together about a year ago. I wanted to take another stab at the looks to see how much my creativity had evolved. The previous story was a lot darker and more raw. Makeup wasn’t deliberate and I feel it gave a more eery feel to the final look. 


If I were a woman in the jungle I would probably dress something like this. This was my take on tribal street style with an editorial flair. I had a lot of fun creating this style story and I have so much more to share with you guys.  

I have a bunch of images to add to my portfolio  and maybe when they are done I will come back and show you which ones made the final cut.  

I absolutely love melanin and I hope you enjoyed the images that I shared today. Until next time… happy shopping. 

Photographer: AKBAR | Stylist: Jessica Thee Shopaholic | MUA’s: Sue, Nicole Pichardo | Wardrobe: Kira Nacole Designs | Hair Stylist: Zee | Models: Tas, Justine, Kerry.


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