Month: April 2016

Shopaholic Cart Confession: Red Sandals

No one loves a red sandal more than me. Ever since the Birkenstock has been added to the women’s fashion trend I have been in love with the masculine style red sandal for the ladies. Last summer I purchased the Red Dr. Martens. I was sent these sandals by a friend and fell in love. 

They are a men’s shoe but are perfect for casual summer style for either sex. If you have a shoe size smaller than a 9 ladies unfortunately this may not work for you. If you are looking for a comparable style let me know in the comments and I will recommend some variations. 

I will definitely be abusing these this summer and can’t wait to show you how I style them. The People Footwear Lennon Chiller sandals are definitely a must have. They are also the perfect gift for your mister. 

Let me know in the comments… Would you wear these?