Month: July 2016

Trend Advisor 

Most of today’s trends have been stolen from the 80’s and 90’s and branded as vintage inspired or novelty. The visor is definitely not a new look. But we have been seeing more creative versions of them and I have been loving them for the spring and summer. 

The clear versions don’t exactly protect 100 percent of the Suns harsh rays… But you have to admit they are really stylish. I love the colorful tints to pair with a swimsuit on the beach or poolside. You can’t go wrong with this look. 

If you are looking for more practicality then you can go for a shadier option. I love trend because it forces variety on a simple garment or accessory and we now have a bunch of styles to suit different personalities. 

I love bold prints and colors. These styles allow creativity shine through. You can choose a color block visor or an intense floral. It’s just a hat. The cooler the story the better the outfit. That is just my opinion. 

I love the visor trend. It’s perfect when you’re having a good hair day but still want to keep the sun out of your way. If you like the trend or already have a bunch of these hats I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Until next time happy shopping. 


Sliding Statements 

Sometimes a trend happens by accident. Sometimes a trend happens on purpose. When  Birkenstocks first appeared in the world of fashion, you either hated it or you loved it. Fast forward to present day even if you still hate it I can almost guarantee some version of it is available at your local retail store. It’s almost as if ever designer has been trying their best to create a more appealing version of the “supermarket-run slipper” turned fashion statement. 

The athletic slipper, also known as the slide has been around for a long time. Men wear them and women who played sports used them as a transition shoe in the locker room shower after a game. But some how they have turned into the statement piece of a casual outfit. 

Over sized labeling on the trendy shoe is a must. It adds to the novelty of the look as well as the great outfit. It provides purpose to the questionable look. Well known brands jumped in on the trend and have been very successful.

If there was a question of the purpose these companies have even gone as far as to bring exiting colors and styles to entice us to buy into this new phenomenon. I personally like the trend and don’t need much persuading.

If labels aren’t really your thing then you might like these Gucci Slides. The shiny Red crisscross design is a great unisex style. Pair with a white t shirt and jeans and your outfit is ready for all seasons. As long as it isn’t snowing or raining of course. 

Maybe the hot pink wasn’t exciting enough for you. This gold pair from ALDO is a must-have! If you are into all things gold like me; then, you can definitely appreciate the beauty of these shoes. The gold metal mimics jewelry and is the perfect accessory for the foot in the summer when you get that killer tan.

I love prints! Prints and texture is a great way to express your fashion sense through your accessories. This animal print is so dope. Cheetah is the new black. Pair them with literally anything. 

This combination of sports and luxe is perfect for a casual outfit slay. The white faux leather cushion is perfect comfort for an all day wear. These ZARA slides have long since sold out but they really complimented the purpose of the style. 

If you are here for the drama then you might want to add some fur to your slides. These shoes are perfect as a comfort flat to change into from a pair of club heels. They don’t compromise style and when paired correctly will still be head-to-toe photograph ready.

These Puma x Fenty slides are another example of a sports luxe collaboration. The house slipper is leaving the house with style. Look at this style as a fuzzy sneaker when styling. Just try to stay away from spills and rainy days. 

If you are here for gawdy footwear then you probably will love these Gucci monogram floral slides. They are definitely over the top and definitely not for cooking and cleaning in the house. Pair with a shirt dress and a messy top knot. 

I love the slide trend and I hope you do too. If you don’t, just remember there are no rules in fashion. It is just important that you remain confident and just be yourself. Happy Shopping. 

Tying Up Loose Trends 

This year has definitely been the year of the choker. Fall fashion is almost here and the scarf has been slowly incorporating its way into choker style accents. There are many ways to tie your scarf. Whether you are a classy lady or a chic hipster, there is a way to wear and a pattern to fit and play to every style. 

If you are a high-fashionista go for a bold statement making scarf. It can be a bright neon or a graphic print (as seen above). Pair with black leather jacket or textured sheath dress. These two simple pieces paired together will have your on-lookers thinking you stepped out of Elle magazine. 

If you are a minimalist then your wardrobe is simple and completely functional. You probably aren’t into trends anyway. If you want to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank go for a simple bandana. Most can be found at a local beauty supply or thrift store for as little as a dollar. If it’s still hot pair with cut off shorts and a simple t-shirt. 


If you are more of the floral dress kind of girl… There is a scarf for you as well. Choose a dress silhouette that is cut lower in the bust area and then play with a complimenting length. This is sexy and elegant. No one will question the fact that you are a lady. Pair with sunglasses or a fedora and go to brunch with friends. 

If you want to wear a scarf in the office you totally can. Add a sateen scarf in a complementary hue and everyone will swear you took forever to get dressed. Keep your other accessories neutral. You can pair this look with brown loafers and a neutral structured bag. You will be ready to handle that board room presentation. 

Are you stumped on what to wear to Fashion Week. Bombers are trending as well! Pair a bomber or letterman jacket in your favorite color. Wear a simple bodycon dress and sneakers with your scarf. It takes a lot of work to make a fashionable outfit look effortless but with this look they won’t even know that you are fresh off the pages of the trend section. 

Duster coats, duster vests and satin overcoats… Everything a blogger has in their closet. If you are a fashion blogger you probably own one or all of these pieces. This garment is probably the focal point of today’s look so choose a shade similar if not an exact match to your outfit if you want to write a little trend on trend blog post. 

If you are a preppy lady, add stripes and a trench coat to your look. Adding a pop of color like this red scarf is a nice change to the cardigans you always have tied over your shoulders. Live on the edge and wear a matching lip stain and a cross body bag. This is perfect for a day at the museum, or even an afternoon walk through the city. 

So you like fashion, and you’re into trends a little but you’re more of a labelista. Pair a grafic t-shirt with a pair of leather joggers and a black bandana. Just Do It. Throw your coat over your shoulders… That’s what the cool kids are doing these days… Trust me. Now go to Williamsburg and have a drink or two. You can even wear sneakers. Thank me later.

No matter how you like to wear your scarf… You must admit as I said before there is definitely a right way to do it. I hope you gained some inspiration from this post. Would this be something you would like to try? I would love to know in the comments section below. Until next time Happy Shopping. 

Shopaholic Personal Style: LA Edition

I have been away from my blog for a while and I have missed you guys! I have been busy trying to finish up my portfolio for Thee Shopaholic Styled Me, and I can not wait to share that and more news with you. I took a quick girls trip to LA. I had fun in the sun and dressed for the occasion. 

One of my favorite pieces from my trip was this yellow lace dress from HM Trend. This dress is beautiful and I love yellow pieces, especially in the summertime. But if I am being totally honest I don’t like the fact that I was having issues with the zipper. I think for the $129 price tag they could have put more effort into the quality. The zipper kept coming down throughout the day and I eventually had to just change. I had to drop the dress off at the tailor for the zipper to be replaced. 

I took a trip to the Standard Hotel Pool. I had been itching to wear my favorite fringe bathing suit. I paired it with a floral beach cover from Forever 21. The pool was so dope and I saw Les Twins playing table tennis and felt like I fit right in.

This whimsical piece is also from HM. I went on a Hollohwood Tour to see the sign and wanted something light and breezy. I paired the look with my tourist white nike sneakers and my kashmirviii clutch. 

There was a full on heatwave in California and I wanted to have lightweight fabrics that had a lot of movement. This chambray denim dress from Forever 21 was perfect. I went for a quick brunch at Aroma and then headed downtown for a day at the museum. I decided to Dust of my personalized clutch from my girl HerStyleByFashion. 

On our last night in LA we had a fancy dinner outing and I decided tocolor-block. I had a green jumpsuit I purchased from Tick-Tock clothing boutique earlier this year. I paired the look with a pair of orange pumps, a matching clutch and tassel earrings.  

  I had a blast in LA! I hope you enjoyed my looks because I had fun wearing them. I have a lot more to share from my trip. I got the most questions about my outfits so I decided to start there. Until next time. Happy Shopping! 

VH 1 Honors a Queen 

Queen Latifah is a hip hop pioneer. If you have been living under a rock you probably don’t know about the laundry list of life accomplishments. Tonight she was honored by VH 1 for some of those accomplishments. 

People got an exclusive with the queen and the campaign looks amazing! The leather and gold looks absolutely regal on her and very fitting for her self proclaimed title. 

I can’t wait to see what else Queen Latifah has on her list of life contributions to the world of fashion, beauty and hip hop. This is an unlikely combination but she carries all three hats and several others, with elegance grace and style.