Sliding Statements 

Sometimes a trend happens by accident. Sometimes a trend happens on purpose. When  Birkenstocks first appeared in the world of fashion, you either hated it or you loved it. Fast forward to present day even if you still hate it I can almost guarantee some version of it is available at your local retail store. It’s almost as if ever designer has been trying their best to create a more appealing version of the “supermarket-run slipper” turned fashion statement. 

The athletic slipper, also known as the slide has been around for a long time. Men wear them and women who played sports used them as a transition shoe in the locker room shower after a game. But some how they have turned into the statement piece of a casual outfit. 

Over sized labeling on the trendy shoe is a must. It adds to the novelty of the look as well as the great outfit. It provides purpose to the questionable look. Well known brands jumped in on the trend and have been very successful.

If there was a question of the purpose these companies have even gone as far as to bring exiting colors and styles to entice us to buy into this new phenomenon. I personally like the trend and don’t need much persuading.

If labels aren’t really your thing then you might like these Gucci Slides. The shiny Red crisscross design is a great unisex style. Pair with a white t shirt and jeans and your outfit is ready for all seasons. As long as it isn’t snowing or raining of course. 

Maybe the hot pink wasn’t exciting enough for you. This gold pair from ALDO is a must-have! If you are into all things gold like me; then, you can definitely appreciate the beauty of these shoes. The gold metal mimics jewelry and is the perfect accessory for the foot in the summer when you get that killer tan.

I love prints! Prints and texture is a great way to express your fashion sense through your accessories. This animal print is so dope. Cheetah is the new black. Pair them with literally anything. 

This combination of sports and luxe is perfect for a casual outfit slay. The white faux leather cushion is perfect comfort for an all day wear. These ZARA slides have long since sold out but they really complimented the purpose of the style. 

If you are here for the drama then you might want to add some fur to your slides. These shoes are perfect as a comfort flat to change into from a pair of club heels. They don’t compromise style and when paired correctly will still be head-to-toe photograph ready.

These Puma x Fenty slides are another example of a sports luxe collaboration. The house slipper is leaving the house with style. Look at this style as a fuzzy sneaker when styling. Just try to stay away from spills and rainy days. 

If you are here for gawdy footwear then you probably will love these Gucci monogram floral slides. They are definitely over the top and definitely not for cooking and cleaning in the house. Pair with a shirt dress and a messy top knot. 

I love the slide trend and I hope you do too. If you don’t, just remember there are no rules in fashion. It is just important that you remain confident and just be yourself. Happy Shopping. 


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