Trend Advisor 

Most of today’s trends have been stolen from the 80’s and 90’s and branded as vintage inspired or novelty. The visor is definitely not a new look. But we have been seeing more creative versions of them and I have been loving them for the spring and summer. 

The clear versions don’t exactly protect 100 percent of the Suns harsh rays… But you have to admit they are really stylish. I love the colorful tints to pair with a swimsuit on the beach or poolside. You can’t go wrong with this look. 

If you are looking for more practicality then you can go for a shadier option. I love trend because it forces variety on a simple garment or accessory and we now have a bunch of styles to suit different personalities. 

I love bold prints and colors. These styles allow creativity shine through. You can choose a color block visor or an intense floral. It’s just a hat. The cooler the story the better the outfit. That is just my opinion. 

I love the visor trend. It’s perfect when you’re having a good hair day but still want to keep the sun out of your way. If you like the trend or already have a bunch of these hats I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Until next time happy shopping. 


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