Tying Up Loose Trends 

This year has definitely been the year of the choker. Fall fashion is almost here and the scarf has been slowly incorporating its way into choker style accents. There are many ways to tie your scarf. Whether you are a classy lady or a chic hipster, there is a way to wear and a pattern to fit and play to every style. 

If you are a high-fashionista go for a bold statement making scarf. It can be a bright neon or a graphic print (as seen above). Pair with black leather jacket or textured sheath dress. These two simple pieces paired together will have your on-lookers thinking you stepped out of Elle magazine. 

If you are a minimalist then your wardrobe is simple and completely functional. You probably aren’t into trends anyway. If you want to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank go for a simple bandana. Most can be found at a local beauty supply or thrift store for as little as a dollar. If it’s still hot pair with cut off shorts and a simple t-shirt. 


If you are more of the floral dress kind of girl… There is a scarf for you as well. Choose a dress silhouette that is cut lower in the bust area and then play with a complimenting length. This is sexy and elegant. No one will question the fact that you are a lady. Pair with sunglasses or a fedora and go to brunch with friends. 

If you want to wear a scarf in the office you totally can. Add a sateen scarf in a complementary hue and everyone will swear you took forever to get dressed. Keep your other accessories neutral. You can pair this look with brown loafers and a neutral structured bag. You will be ready to handle that board room presentation. 

Are you stumped on what to wear to Fashion Week. Bombers are trending as well! Pair a bomber or letterman jacket in your favorite color. Wear a simple bodycon dress and sneakers with your scarf. It takes a lot of work to make a fashionable outfit look effortless but with this look they won’t even know that you are fresh off the pages of the trend section. 

Duster coats, duster vests and satin overcoats… Everything a blogger has in their closet. If you are a fashion blogger you probably own one or all of these pieces. This garment is probably the focal point of today’s look so choose a shade similar if not an exact match to your outfit if you want to write a little trend on trend blog post. 

If you are a preppy lady, add stripes and a trench coat to your look. Adding a pop of color like this red scarf is a nice change to the cardigans you always have tied over your shoulders. Live on the edge and wear a matching lip stain and a cross body bag. This is perfect for a day at the museum, or even an afternoon walk through the city. 

So you like fashion, and you’re into trends a little but you’re more of a labelista. Pair a grafic t-shirt with a pair of leather joggers and a black bandana. Just Do It. Throw your coat over your shoulders… That’s what the cool kids are doing these days… Trust me. Now go to Williamsburg and have a drink or two. You can even wear sneakers. Thank me later.

No matter how you like to wear your scarf… You must admit as I said before there is definitely a right way to do it. I hope you gained some inspiration from this post. Would this be something you would like to try? I would love to know in the comments section below. Until next time Happy Shopping. 


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