Month: November 2016

All I Want for Christmas is You: Her Holiday Gift Guide

Last year I did a men’s Holiday gift guide and it was very successful (if I do say so myself) a lot of you were inspired to get some great gifts for the men in your lives. This year I have decided to do a gift guide for the ladies, made up of all of my favorite things this year. It is a loose interpretation of my own wish list that I am sure everyone will love. 

1. Lit Bklyn


     Each candle is hand poured, packaged, and shipped from Brooklyn. The candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and scented with the finest of fragrance oils. There are five scents available today and my personal favorites are “Joy” and “Home.” The gold packaging is perfect for the holidays just put a ribbon on it and your gift is ready to be delivered. 

2. Skin Buttr


     SkinBUTTR is a beauty brand comprised of natural body and skin care products. The body care line consists of whipped shea based body butters and scrubs. While their skincare line is an all natural hydrating step by step system. Both the body and skin care lines are designed to leave your skin fresh and glowing. My Favorite scent is the “CocoaVanillaButtr.”

3. Glamaholic Lifestyle

     Be Glam, Be Fab, Be You! Glam-Aholic Lifestyle provides quality everyday essentials, for the everyday woman! If the woman you will be gifting is always on the go be sure to gift her with these practical and glamorous gifts that she wil be sure to use often. I have the wallet (far left) and the passport cover (top right) but the duffle bag and cosmetic pouch are definitely on my Christmas list. 

4. My Taught You | Journal 

     If she is into planning or just a self motivated entrepreneur you are doing her a favor by getting her a journal. The power of the tongue is a real thing. Writing down your thoughts, goals and aspirations is the first step to achieving them. If she loves the journals she may also love the podcasts that go along with them. The journal is dripping with inspiration. Thank me later. 

5. The Lip Bar | Liquid Matte Lipsticks 


     This lipstick is made of a unique blend of natural ingredients and then loaded with pigment to give you kick-ass colors. Each lipstick is enriched with shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E for maximum moisture. The packaging is insane and the holiday packaging is even better! There is a color for everyone and a gift for every kind of girl.

6. Facial Gift Set 


     If the receiver of your gift is into skincare or suffers from acne, or eczema you might want to gift her some amazing skincare products. They aren’t medicinal but are very gentle on the skin. A great at home skin spa package is great for pampering yourself at the end of the year. The products last a long time so it is definitely a great investment. 

7. Kira Nacole | Distressed Tees 

     This year we went a little crazy with the distressed tees. If you love the craze as much as I do you will definitely love this distressed dress by Kira Nacole. The custom shirts are made to order and sell out fast so I apologize in advance if this post does not find you in time. If it does act fast… I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Depending on your height of its too short you can always pair the look with shorts or maybe leather pants depending on what climate you are in.

8. Fancy Kouture | Vintage Frames 

     If you love unique eyewear you probably already love Fancy Kouture Accessories. They specialize in Vintage frames but cover all the bases in bringing you the best quality trend accessories. If you have seen it on TV or in a magazine FK probably sells it. If you need to find a gift for your fashionable friends you should probably start here. They are currently having a sale for Black Friday so be sure to save money while you can! 

9. High End Junkie 


     Express your creative side with these hand painted fedoras. I absolutely love hats! These are very cool. This classic style fedora features a sturdy, yet soft felt/wool blend body with black nylon ribbon around the base. “This is ART.” & “This is Fashion.” are handpainted on each side of the hat in a bold white font guaranteed to make a statement in any room. Very limited, and one size fits most. The hat also comes with a High End Junkie collectors tote bag.

10. Luxe Protocol 

     I stumbled upon this fresh new clothing boutique based in the UK today. I love when I can find unique pieces from an online boutique. These pieces are trendy and timeless all at the same time. I tried to get my hands on the printed jumpsuit but it is no longer available in my size. I am almost positive that I will be shopping from the site very soon.

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills | Contour Cream Kit

If all else fails Sephora has amazing gift sets with high quality skin and beauty lines that are very affordable. I have listed a bunch of my personal favorites below ft you to browse. You can not go wrong with any of them if you ask me. I hope you found some inspiration and gift ideas from this post! If you end up purchasing something be sure to tag me in the photos so I can see them! Happy Shopping. 

12. Peter Thomas Roth | Mask Sapler Kit

13. Josie Maran | Nourishing Argan Oil SkinCare Collection 

14. Origins Best Sellers

15. Clinique | 10 Days of Clinique 

16. Sephora | Lip Mask

17. Sephora | Favorites Superstars 

18. Sephora | Masks


My Taught Me 

You learn something new everyday. I’m up writing this post at 1 o’clock in the morning. I have a very short list of women who inspire me in real life. Myleik Teele is definitely one of them. She is at the top of my list of women who do more than they say. I like to refer to her as the Oprah of the younger generation of social entrepreneurs. If Myleik tells you to do something you should probably go do it. 

I have never met Myleik but following someone for several years on various social media platforms has a way of giving you a false sense of friendship in real life. She’s my mentor in my head and her podcasts have gotten me through some rough times in my life. I use her yearly productivity journals as a propeller to guide me through each year. Because of this I will essentially become the person I was placed on this earth to be. 

Most of you know her as the owner of Curlbox. Curlbox is a unique company engineered to bring natural hair products into the homes of African American women who needed to find a regimen in order to be able to tame their mane. Not only did she accomplish this she continues to sell out subscriptions to women across the country every month. I was a subscriber and because of this service I was able to find the products that cater specifically to my hair type.

This particular post isn’t about Myleik’s business; however, it is about what she has inspired me to do. I listen to her podcasts religiously and most recently she spoke about creating visuals that speak to what I do as an entrepreneur. I am working towards building a website for my styling services now that my 2016 portfolio is coming to a close and I do not have a headshot (insert stressed emoticon).

If there is one of several things that Myleik is good at it is curating visuals of herself and for her business. Every year she orchestrates a “headshot” that’s anything but… a headshot. We know her as a creative and her photos are drenched in creativity. Her wardrobe is one to be desired and her mixed prints coupled with stunning interior design capture our attention every time.

Myleik and her photographer Itaysha make it look so easy! I have definitely made it my goal to create visuals of my own and step outside of the box to ensure that they are more than just a cheesy actors headshot. This particular image is one of my personal faves (who doesn’t love gold sequins and shag!). 

The goal of the shoot is to summarize the essence of what you do and who you are as a person. Myleik is a content creator, a hair care enthusiast, an avid reader, a motivator of minds, and just plain dope! If you had to assume that by looking at these shots you would be absolutely right. 

She is FEARLESS! I understand the role that a good website plays in marketing your business. You can not JUST be good at what you do. Even if you are the best there is always someone who is just as good if not better. How you separate yourself is to strip away everything that is unnecessary and highlight the importance of your business and what you have to offer. The internet places another option at the fingertips of your audience. It is up to me to make sure my business is visually appealing and easily accessible. 

Myleik recently did a shoot for the visuals for 2017 and from what I’ve seen so far it is going to be another successful project. I am optimistic that I have been thoroughly inspired to create something for myself. She has taught me so many things throughout the years. I am not quite ready to meet her. The opportunity has presented a few times along the way but I am a strong believer that nothing happens before it is supposed to and not a minute sooner. 

If you had to take something away from this post it should be to create some visual self marketing images for your business (if you have one) and to make sure that ALL aspects of your company are catered to not JUST the job. If you have gotten this far I’ve attached some of the looks I plan to wear for my own shoot. If I remember I will come back and share the images with you once they are complete. Thank you for reading. 

G Hive Slumber Party | New York

I have NEVER been to a slumber party so I really didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to attend a slumber party for the G Hive. The G Hive is a group of entrepreneurs lead by Mia Ray. We are wellness and lifestyle ambassadors and we just want everyone to be the best version of themselves. I have not known all of the ladies for very long but they made me feel welcome enough to want to attend the party. 

I was in charge of the wardrobe (of course) so I decided to go for something girly and mildly sexy. I saw a slumber party on Instagram from a past weekend and the ladies were wearing sateen robes and I thought it looked really nice. We agreed to the color scheme of purple, black and white and this is what I decided to get. The entire look was less than $15. 

We all wanted to try the It Works Facials so I added a face towel to each of the gift bags for the girls. It was the perfect way to de-stress from the  previous week and relax as we talked and got to know each other more. 

No slumber party is complete without good food and Summer and Candacy had that covered! Tacos are a great party food because they can be customized for each persons preference. They also taste really good! I am an everything kind of girl so I added all of the toppings with no shame! 

Summer also had some amazing Sangria and frozen fruit and before long the drinks were all gone! The slumber party was off to a great start! I picked out some snack bowls at the local discount store and they ended up meshing perfectly with the decor! 

Speaking of Decor… Summer was back at it again with the room filled with balloons and Marilyn Monroe headshots! It really could not get anymore girly than that! We could not help but get some shots for the gram!

We went live on Facebook via Dacy’s page and had a long talk about relationships and our friends and loved ones supporting our careers and answered questions about the products we sell. I learned a lot about the women who had taken me under their wing and the night was off to a great start… 

I placed an array of shots in each of the goodie bags for each of the girls and they were super excited! I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and the drinks were flowing well through the night. I even made a cocktail with the greens on the go! If you guys like this post just leave a comment and I will blog the recipe. 

Everyone loved the goodie bag I put together. My favorite part of going to a party as a kid and to this day was the bag of stuff you got on the way home. I wanted to give that feeling to the girls and I figured it was the least I could do for being he newest member to the group. 

I won’t talk you guys to death because we really had a great time and the ENTIRE night was filled with fun laughs and information. 

I am really glad I joined the G Hive I am not sure where this journey is going to take me, but I know I am more than ready to face the challenges and triumphs that are going to come my way. 

The night was getting late and at about 3 or 4 am it was time to wash off my makeup and call it a night. I had a late morning shoot so I was grateful to get even a couple of hours to rest. 

I share my Cleanser and Toner routine over on my snapchat (@thee_shopaholic)  at least two times a week for anyone who is interested. But I washed and cleansed my face and I was in for the night, lol. Hopefully you found this post interesting or at least informative or inspiring! If you do I would be glad to do more like this. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

If you made it this far and would like to join the G Hive and attend the next slumber party then you can text me 347.676.0669. You won’t regret it.