The Facial: Shopaholic Beauty Post

Here is how you can do a salon style facial in your own home in just 5 simple steps:
What you should add to cart… 

1. gentle facial cleanser

2. exfoliating peel

3. face mask (clay-based for oily skin, cream or gel mask for dry skin)

4. face moisturizer


Clean your face. Remove all makeup and then wash your face, neck and ears with a good facial cleanser. I like to use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes. Follow up with the cleanser of your choice and be sure to use a clean facial brush to make sure the product is thoroughly cleansing your skin.

Exfoliate away dead skin cells. Using your fingers gently rub an exfoliating facial scrub in small circular motions all over your face. Make sure you focus on areas around your nose and forehead. 

If certain areas of your face are oilier than others, give that section an extra scrub. If you have the time scrub your lips as well. The skin on your lips is very sensitive so use honey and brown sugar for a simple clean.

I also take this time to extract any existing blemishes or blackheads much like they do in the spa. I have an extractor and I also use the pore strips. 

Steam to open up your pores. There are a few ways to steam your face. You can do it over the stove or use a professional face steamer. If you don’t have a steamer fill a bowl about the size of your face (or bigger) with hot water. Place a large towel over your head and the bowl. Sit with your face as close to the bowl as possible for 15-20 minutes.

It’s time to apply your mask. If you have oily skin, use a clay mask. For dry skin, I suggest using a hydrating cream or gel mask. Depending on the mask, leave it on for the suggested amount of time and then rinse completely. 

Hydrate your skin. Last by not least, moisturize! Smooth a nice, thick moisturizer over your face and neck.

Is your skincare routine working for you? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below. 


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