Social Promotions

If you guys read my MyTaughtMe blog you will know that it was a goal of mine to produce visual content directly related to my styling and social media presence. This year has definitely been a roller coaster ride; that has had its ups and downs. I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished. 

As promised I am back really quickly to share some of the out-takes since I won’t be posting the final images just yet. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and curate  interesting images that described me as a person. I didn’t have a lot of resources but I made the best of the shoot with what I did have. 

It is no secret that this year has been all about fashion and style. I have helped style a lot of photoshoots this year and would not change a thing! This shoot was in preparation for visual aids for my website and business cards for 2017. I am currently still on the hunt for a web designer to help bring my vision to life. 

I am very awkward in front of the lens and it took me a while to warm up to the camera; with the help of camera man and friend Eshama John. I am a gem behind the lens and a wet noodle in front of it. I got the confirmation for my shoot date with very short notice but I strongly feel that each look speaks to my own personal style. 

I have so many amazing goals that I have set and already began working towards for the new year. I have completed my vision board and am ready to face new challenges to make it a great year for business. 

I love what I do whole heartedly and I hope that it is reflected in the images that I share with each of you. Essentially I am just a girl born and raised in New York City trying to make a name for herself. I don’t seek to be well known but I do seek to be worth knowing. 

One thing that remains true is… I love to have fun while I am on set. Any of the models that  have worked with me this year can tell you how my playful personality shines through while I work. I got on Eshamas nerves at this particular shoot but that was the only way I am able to get through the day. 

I hope to continue to share where this journey will take me and I am glad to bring you guys along. I will post and blog more behind the scenes imagery for you all as they come. I also look forward to working with new designers, photographers, and models in the future and even travel outside of the city. Thee Shopaholic Styled Me is here to stay. 


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