Month: January 2017

How to wear Margeila: F/W ’17

I love high end fashion. But everything is definitely not “ready to wear.” High end designers use the runway to set the trends for the fashion season. They present grandiose fashions and send them down the runway and sometimes leave us asking “how the hell am I supposed to wear that?” If you’re a fashionista like myself then you can probably get away with wearing it to an event or even to the grocery store if you’re feeling fancy… I’m just here to playfully share my favorite looks from Maison Margeila’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection. 

     As I shared before in my fashion basics post everyone needs a good trench coat. If you ignore the face mask and the play on the collared button down shirt, this jacket is amazing! You can wear this coat with your simple heel and a white blouse and head right into the office. 

     I am here for the hat! I live for a good white coat and this play on the graphic print is superb! I would wear this to an after work event and I would literally wear that hat everyday! If you want to take this into everyday have an artist paint something spectacular on a maxi coat. 

     This actually fits the description of ready to wear. The oversized coat is a big trend and red looks good on everyone’s skin tone. Let this be your statement jacket. Wear it everywhere! 

I live. I breathe. I die. I live again. This outfit is everything! It is not for the faint of heart. Wear this on your birthday! I am glad to be born in the fall. This is a show stopper! I love the monochromatic outfit. Red from head to toe. I think this is one of my favorite style formulas to date! I would love to see this more on the runway. 

   “Do you see this coat?” If you have to attend a funeral for one of your exes, wear this coat! Let them know that you are mourning their loss of you! This is giving me sheer maxi, meets black wool coat! I just can’t get enough! 

     Geez! The cold shoulder trend is here to stay! You have seen it all spring and summer and Margeila is giving it to you in the Fall and Winter as well. This is a more subdued version of high fashion that (if you’re new to this) will allow you to dip your toes in if you’re not ready to dive into the previous looks. 

This post was all in good fun but over all I really did enjoy the collection and it inspired me to write about it. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Until next time happy shopping. 


Shopaholic Virtual Style: Back to Basics 

     Style is not as complicated as you may think. Fashion evolves daily and your personal style should not be affected by this. I always tell my clients, fashion is for everyone and style is just for you. I truly believe that everyone can wear the same thing, just in a different way. I went through some basic pieces that I felt will help you to purge your wardrobe. Now I am going to show you how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to create some simple looks that will get you through the week. 

     Since the beginning of the fashion time continuum the little black dress has been something that women have used in the office as well as on a night out. When you are searching for a multi-purpose LBD go for something with simple details. The dress shouldn’t be garish but it should have a bit of style to make it more than just another sheath. I chose this black strapless with cap sleeve lace detail because it’s perfect for work and can easily take you out on a date with the mister. 


     The balance of the effect of an outfit is all in the styling. Wearing our LBD as a layering piece at work with a shorter heel, tones down the dresses sex appeal. Cover your exposed arms with a classic blazer and you won’t distract your coworkers from their normal nine-to-five duties. 

     All of the staples that I spoke about in my previous post are perfect when worn together. I am sure you guys have seen this combination before. A white button-front blouse with a blazer and jeans. The denim pants tone down the seriousness of the outfit. If you’re going on a date or to a casual business meeting a higher heel will ensure that you aren’t too under dressed. 

     This look is my uniform when I am running errands. This will ensure that if you bump into a friend on the street you will still be appropriately dressed for a quick drink in a cafe. A t-shirt and jeans doesn’t require much thought. The structured jacket and trendy sneakers will let people know that you can look put together without trying too hard (even if you are just going to the mall or the grocery store).

     A white blouse tucked into a high-waisted skirt is a fail-proof combo. This is the perfect way to introduce style at the office. Once again you want to use a shorter heel or flat to let them know you mean business. Prints go really well with a pop of color. So if you can pick a bold hue like red or green to finish the look. 

     Another way to wear your skirt is with that white t-shirt. This should also be tucked into the waist. Pull out that structured coat and those pop of color flats and you’re ready for brunch! Don’t order the red sangria to ensure your top stays clean all day. 

     No matter how you combine your basics you need to own it! Confidence is your best accessory and you should never second guess yourself. No one has to like what you are wearing but YOU! If you were inspired to create one of these looks I would love to see! Be sure to tag me on social media (@thee_shopaholic). Until next time Happy Shopping! 

Simple Everyday Style Staples

     It’s the first month of a new year. We have a new president, we are brushing the surface of our resolutions and we are trying to change our lives. I did a video years ago talking about my wardrobe staples and things that I think every woman should have at the base of their style closet. I have decided to share a refresher post and give an updated post sharing the same principles. 

     The classic white button front shirt has been a part of American style for as long as we can remember. Whether you are a man or woman you need to have at least one of these in your wardrobe. The style possibilities are endless but the white shirt is traditional and should be kept in good condition. 

     Another classic is a pair of denim jeans. You can keep it clean or go distressed. The shade of denim is different for everyone based on their own personal style and body type. If you are curvy you might like darker shades of denim which can be more slimming. If you are slimmer or have a more athletic build the lighter shades may help your curves appear larger. 

     If you haven’t noticed by now your wardrobe staples are things that are simple, clean, timeless and can be worn several different ways. The black blazer is used for business meetings, job interviews, or with a t-shirt and jeans on a date or brunch outing. 

     One can never have enough white t-shirts this is something that you really shouldn’t invest too much money in because they need to be changed and rotated often. I have always been partial to a good V neck. It literally goes with every pair of bottoms! This item is self explanatory and if you do not have this in your closet you should stop reading and go get one right now.

     Everyone that lives in an area where the temperature changes like it does here in New York needs a good coat. It can be a trench or a wool coat but this camel color looks good on everyone no matter what your skin tone. Make sure it fits well not too tight and not too big. Sleeve length again is based on personal style. If you are tall and the sleeves fall a little short then get a pair of gloves that close the gap. This trick gives the illusion that you are well put together. 


     If you are a style enthusiast you need one statement piece. This can be accessory but in fashion I like to get one article of clothing that is anything but basic. Animal print seems to be one of those things that will always withstand the test of time. It can be a blouse a skirt or a pair of heels but whatever it is make sure the quality is top of the line (you don’t want to look cheap). 

     Nude is the new black. I spoke to you guys about finding the perfect nude shoe for your skin tone. Let’s replace our simple black pump with a nude one instead. Contrary to popular belief, black does not go with everything! Finding a heel that blends away at your feet help to elongate your legs and if matched well will literally go with every outfit you put on. 

     Every girl needs a good pair of flats. I personally need a little lift because “flat-flats” hurt my feet when worn all day. Make sure they are interesting and have a special detail. A classic red pair or something with a buckle or both will make you not even miss the fact that they aren’t sky high heels. 

     If you are a commuting New Yorker you know the importance of a good pair of travel heels… more commonly known as sneakers. Make sure they are super light weight and nice to look at. They should give the feel of a travel sneaker and not look like someone stole your heels and this was all you had left in your closet. It helps to style it against your outerwear or have a funky print or pattern that is a conversation starter.

     Last but certainly not least you need a simple time piece. This is something that you are going to wear every single day. It should not be to glamorous but not to basic. Find a metal band in your favorite shade. My favorite rose gold watch is always on my wrist. Save the precious diamonds and jewels for special occasions. 

However you chose to pair your basic pieces is totally up to you! I will be sharing my favorite classic style combos tomorrow. But I would love to know in the comments if you have your own style staples. This is not meant to be interpreted as a laundry list of things you have to buy but instead an inspiration for you to find something that works for you. Until next time Happy Shopping! 

Shopaholic EXCESSories: Rings Around the World

     Every now and then people monetize their social media platforms in order to reach a larger audience. I stumbled upon the promotion for these rings and fell in lust! This company is so fresh and their concept is just what the fashion industry needs. They use precious metals to give you fashion that has a meaning.

     Each ring is designed to represent the unique and famous major skylines from all over the world. If you have a special memory from Paris or New York or you work at the nations Capitol you will be happy to wear your city on your sleeve. The attention to detail is impeccable. 

   You guys know I live for options and variety is the spice of life. Each cityscape is available in silver, yellow, or rose gold. This makes it easy to fit the designs into your own personal style. I am a rose gold enthusiast so I am happy that all of the cities are available in the three metals. 

The rings are the perfect size for everyday wear and make the details even more intriguing. Wear it alone or stack them with some of your existing jewelry. 

Ola Shekhtman collection of cityscape rings retail for about $100 and are the perfect piece to add to your lifestyle. I would love to know which piece is on your Wishlist. I am a New York girl so it just makes sense that I start there. Happy Shopping. 

Shekthwoman Rings – $99.00

Social Media Cleanse 2K17

I just want to wish all of my readers a very happy and productive New Year. This is my third year into this blog and I must say it has been a great time! I am sure that we are knee deep into our resolutions and making the steps toward making the pictures and affromations on our vision boards come to life! One of the things you must do to help bring out great energy is to delete the bad energy. 

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring business person you know that your social media presence is a major factor in aiding the success of your business. You have to be approachable and accessible but you also need to be professional. It is important to get rid of anything that distracts from your brand. 

In a perfect world our instagram highlight real makes the outside world think that we are absolutely amazing and that we never have bad days. No ones life is as perfect as their instagram feed. We put our best foot forward and hope to inspire those that tune in. But if you have a lot of pictures you are aware that it is very difficult to delete hundreds of photos one at a time. 

I have been searching for an app or website that provides a quicker solution for quite a while. Finally I found it with the help of Google. I was able to do just that! You simply select all of the photos you would like to remove and hit delete all. 

InstaClean is the shady app and in my opinion one of the greatest apps ever invented. It also has a feature which tells you if someone you follow follows you back… If that isn’t shady I don’t know what is! If you found this information resourceful please share it with a friend. I thank you all for reading and I hope you are subscribed because I have so much to share with all of you this year. Happy Deleting!