Shopaholic EXCESSories: Rings Around the World

     Every now and then people monetize their social media platforms in order to reach a larger audience. I stumbled upon the promotion for these rings and fell in lust! This company is so fresh and their concept is just what the fashion industry needs. They use precious metals to give you fashion that has a meaning.

     Each ring is designed to represent the unique and famous major skylines from all over the world. If you have a special memory from Paris or New York or you work at the nations Capitol you will be happy to wear your city on your sleeve. The attention to detail is impeccable. 

   You guys know I live for options and variety is the spice of life. Each cityscape is available in silver, yellow, or rose gold. This makes it easy to fit the designs into your own personal style. I am a rose gold enthusiast so I am happy that all of the cities are available in the three metals. 

The rings are the perfect size for everyday wear and make the details even more intriguing. Wear it alone or stack them with some of your existing jewelry. 

Ola Shekhtman collection of cityscape rings retail for about $100 and are the perfect piece to add to your lifestyle. I would love to know which piece is on your Wishlist. I am a New York girl so it just makes sense that I start there. Happy Shopping. 

Shekthwoman Rings – $99.00


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