Shopaholic Virtual Style: Back to Basics 

     Style is not as complicated as you may think. Fashion evolves daily and your personal style should not be affected by this. I always tell my clients, fashion is for everyone and style is just for you. I truly believe that everyone can wear the same thing, just in a different way. I went through some basic pieces that I felt will help you to purge your wardrobe. Now I am going to show you how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to create some simple looks that will get you through the week. 

     Since the beginning of the fashion time continuum the little black dress has been something that women have used in the office as well as on a night out. When you are searching for a multi-purpose LBD go for something with simple details. The dress shouldn’t be garish but it should have a bit of style to make it more than just another sheath. I chose this black strapless with cap sleeve lace detail because it’s perfect for work and can easily take you out on a date with the mister. 


     The balance of the effect of an outfit is all in the styling. Wearing our LBD as a layering piece at work with a shorter heel, tones down the dresses sex appeal. Cover your exposed arms with a classic blazer and you won’t distract your coworkers from their normal nine-to-five duties. 

     All of the staples that I spoke about in my previous post are perfect when worn together. I am sure you guys have seen this combination before. A white button-front blouse with a blazer and jeans. The denim pants tone down the seriousness of the outfit. If you’re going on a date or to a casual business meeting a higher heel will ensure that you aren’t too under dressed. 

     This look is my uniform when I am running errands. This will ensure that if you bump into a friend on the street you will still be appropriately dressed for a quick drink in a cafe. A t-shirt and jeans doesn’t require much thought. The structured jacket and trendy sneakers will let people know that you can look put together without trying too hard (even if you are just going to the mall or the grocery store).

     A white blouse tucked into a high-waisted skirt is a fail-proof combo. This is the perfect way to introduce style at the office. Once again you want to use a shorter heel or flat to let them know you mean business. Prints go really well with a pop of color. So if you can pick a bold hue like red or green to finish the look. 

     Another way to wear your skirt is with that white t-shirt. This should also be tucked into the waist. Pull out that structured coat and those pop of color flats and you’re ready for brunch! Don’t order the red sangria to ensure your top stays clean all day. 

     No matter how you combine your basics you need to own it! Confidence is your best accessory and you should never second guess yourself. No one has to like what you are wearing but YOU! If you were inspired to create one of these looks I would love to see! Be sure to tag me on social media (@thee_shopaholic). Until next time Happy Shopping! 



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