How to wear Margeila: F/W ’17

I love high end fashion. But everything is definitely not “ready to wear.” High end designers use the runway to set the trends for the fashion season. They present grandiose fashions and send them down the runway and sometimes leave us asking “how the hell am I supposed to wear that?” If you’re a fashionista like myself then you can probably get away with wearing it to an event or even to the grocery store if you’re feeling fancy… I’m just here to playfully share my favorite looks from Maison Margeila’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection. 

     As I shared before in my fashion basics post everyone needs a good trench coat. If you ignore the face mask and the play on the collared button down shirt, this jacket is amazing! You can wear this coat with your simple heel and a white blouse and head right into the office. 

     I am here for the hat! I live for a good white coat and this play on the graphic print is superb! I would wear this to an after work event and I would literally wear that hat everyday! If you want to take this into everyday have an artist paint something spectacular on a maxi coat. 

     This actually fits the description of ready to wear. The oversized coat is a big trend and red looks good on everyone’s skin tone. Let this be your statement jacket. Wear it everywhere! 

I live. I breathe. I die. I live again. This outfit is everything! It is not for the faint of heart. Wear this on your birthday! I am glad to be born in the fall. This is a show stopper! I love the monochromatic outfit. Red from head to toe. I think this is one of my favorite style formulas to date! I would love to see this more on the runway. 

   “Do you see this coat?” If you have to attend a funeral for one of your exes, wear this coat! Let them know that you are mourning their loss of you! This is giving me sheer maxi, meets black wool coat! I just can’t get enough! 

     Geez! The cold shoulder trend is here to stay! You have seen it all spring and summer and Margeila is giving it to you in the Fall and Winter as well. This is a more subdued version of high fashion that (if you’re new to this) will allow you to dip your toes in if you’re not ready to dive into the previous looks. 

This post was all in good fun but over all I really did enjoy the collection and it inspired me to write about it. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Until next time happy shopping. 


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