Month: March 2017

Shopaholic Styling Co. 

     Some of you may know that I have been heavily committed to working on my wardrobe styling portfolio. Last year I began to compile a professional log of my work. I attended many networking events on the years prior and although I had always been involved in fashion in someway there was no real evidence of the contributions that I had made to the fashion world. 

     Many people have been taking note that my work has been getting better and more frequent; the more I put myself out there. The one thing I could not supply was a visual record of my best work. I would often be asked, “Do you have a website, where I can see your work?” I would try to deflect and casually mention that my instagram was a good place to find my most recent work. The main goal was to have a digital location for my portfolio and I did just that.

     I began to dread telling people to look me up on instagram. I felt like the better my work became the more I need to house it in a more professional manner. Don’t get me wrong many people have started lucrative businesses via their social media pages. I personally wanted to go the more traditional route and get a website and that is exactly what I did. 

     Initially I wanted to give the brunt of the work to a professional. Graphic design is NOT my strong point. I definitely lack technical skills when it comes to computers and other internet driven gadgets. But after much research and learning that the site I wanted was going to cost me thousands of dollars I decided to humble myself and start with the basics. 

     I have had my blog for years, but it wasn’t a portfolio by any means. I never let it show but I really wanted to have a medium for my styling. I launched on Friday the 24th of March and it is still very much under construction. The main goal was to at least have something constructed. I am very proud of myself and I hope once the site is complete to make you all proud as well. 


A Trip to Cuba: Kouture Kloset 

     I just wrapped a shoot with my friends over at Fancy Kouture Accessories. We shot the lookbook for their S/S 17 collection. The looks were so beautiful and would be the perfect suitcase for a quick trip to Cuba. I am going to share the looks with you but if you see something you like you should probably buy first and ask questions later… 

     One of my most favorite things about the spring and summer seasons are the bursts of color! Yellow looks good on (almost) everyone. This versatile huge bow style is perfect for a summer cruise or a party in the Carribean. You can wear the this look as a set or pair them separately with your summer staples. 

      I love this set because of the versatility. The look changes depending on how you tie the bow. Hot pink is the perfect punch of color to power through the summer. This look is definitely a head turner.

     This next look gives me an old Spanish vibe and definitely the right look for the summer heat. The embroidered rose crop top makes the look playful and fun! There is something romantic about the color red and a romantic getaway is the perfect setting to show off your new look.

     The off the shoulder trend is definitely back and better than ever this year. This crop top is super chic and paired well with the pin stripe pallazo pants. This look is the show stopper at a summer brunch. It is fun and structured at the same time. This was definitely one of my favorite looks today. 

     For a night out on the town simplicity is best. A simple silhouette that is still trendy is what you’re looking for. This dark grey bandage dress with off the shoulder tie detail is great for dancing the night away. 

     When I go on vacation I love a good co-ord set. It takes all of the stress out of putting an outfit together while making it look like you knew exactly what you were doing. Royal blue is another shocking color that looks great in the sun. The fringe detail against the fishnet just screams vacation. Paired with a turban and your favorite contrasting sunnies you are definitely ready to kiss this winter weather goodbye. 

     These looks definitely put me in the mood for a vacation. I would love to Know which of the looks were your favorite. In the meantime, be sure to shop the site over at Until next time, Happy Shopping! 

Fancy Feet: Shopaholic Cart Confession

          I happened to be out and about in NYC yesterday and finally made it into my go to stores for trend spotting. I love a good flatform  sandal and at the top of the spring I always try to get my hands on a metallic shoe. Bronze is the new black and I will literally pair them with everything! 

This multi-layered sandal is a cross between a sandal and a sneaker. The white ridge bottom will make them super comfortable. I love the balance between the different shades of cork paired with the bronze. With a summer skin tan these will look so amazing in the summer time. 

     Zara has a bunch of new and amazing styles for the new season; but, I just fell in love with these. I definitely see myself trying to avoid wearing them every single day. 

I would love to know if you also love these shoes. If you have any suggestions of heels or new shoes for the spring, I would love to read about them in the comments. Until next time… Happy shopping! 

Shopaholic Beauty Post: Scottish Scavenger Hunt 

No matter where you are from in the world, everyone loves to smell good. I have never been a fan of strong, perfume scents. Since I have been old enough to purchase my own self-care products I have, had a specific idea of what I wanted to smell like. I have always favored light, fresh, and clean scents with a feminine sweet hint. When I find something that I like I will usually stick to that. 

     I had never, ever heard of the Scottish Fine Soaps before and I was curious about the scent, quality and formula. When it comes to body care we all can’t agree because different people have different preferences. As I said earlier; I don’t like strong perfume, or overly sweet scents. The Au Lait line of Scottish fine soaps has a clean fresh scent with a hint of milk and baby powder. 

After I got the opportunity to smell the line I was hooked! I wanted to stock up. The line is surprisingly hard to find. I was able to locate the bulk of the line on websites like but this luxury line is not cheap. When I found out that the collection of bath and body products were sold at Marshalls, TJ MAXX, and HomeGoods I began to hunt. 

Not only are these products sold there they are sold at a fraction of the cost! I have since stocked up and every now and then I check back to see if I can come across a few restocked here and there.

So the next time you are out shopping and stumble upon this line of products give it a try! I would love to know your thoughts! Until next time happy shopping! 

Cabin Fever Cart Confession 

A lot of you may or may not know that I spent the last few days in the hospital. I was really not well but I have since been released and I’ve been trying to take it as easy as I can. I am always working and it brings me pleasure to remain productive. Since getting sick I have tried to slow down a bit and stay home to relax. I am not content resting at home and I have been using some online retail therapy to make my rest more bearable. 

AEO Denim x High-Rise Jegging – $59.99

     I had forgotten that American Eagle has thee best distressed jeans. I came across an amazing distressed pair while browsing instagram and was informed that,that particular pair had been purchased at I love AE and have a bunch of shorts and vests from them. This was thee most distressed pair I could find. The slim fit makes it easy to dress the jeans up or down. I am sure that these are going to be my favorite pair of the year. 

Tom Girl Jean – $49.95

   AE has a promotion at the moment for buy one get one half off so I also grabbed a pair of their destroyed Tomgirl jeans. These have a more relaxed fit and are something I would more than likely wear everyday. They are super soft and comfortable. 

Skinny High Jeans – $19.99

All of my jeans can’t be distressed so I got this simple skinny high-waisted pair from H&M. I have another pair in a faded dark grey/black and I literally wear them every chance I get. If they are a permanent style I definitely see myself purchasing all of the shades. They are super comfortable and I love a good high waist jean. 

Denim Skirt – $34.99

When it comes to distressed denim the key is sturdy fabric. If the denim is too soft the rips will continue to fray and the item won’t last very long. I love this distressed denim skirt from H&M because the fabric is very stiff but still has a bit of stretch. I would suggest going a size up bc the heavier denim is prone to shrinkage. I will pair this with a button blouse or graphic t-shirt for effortless styling. 

Oversized Denim Jacket Dress – $50.00

 I picked up this oversized denim jacket from Fancy Kouture Accessories and I feel like this will be one of my go-to items this summer. The shorter sleeves make the jacket perfect for layering in the spring as well. If you are slim enough to get away with wearing it as a dress feel free to wear it alone with a pair of simple heels or sneakers. 

Faryl by Farylrobin Dune Neon Mix Block Heel Quarter Strap Sandals – $44.99
           I love my shoe collection but the key to a good collection of footwear is to constantly edit things that you do not wear with some fresh new styles appropriate for the season. If you’re wardrobe is very basi you can add a touch of style with pops of color and print on your feet. I got this thread work printed sandal from Target. The low heel is perfect for running summer errands or strolls while on vacation. 

Who What Wear™ Michaela Block Heel Quarter Strap Sandal – $32.99

Block heels are becoming more and more present and I am always here for stylish comfort. I picked up this coral strappy sandal from Targets “Who What Wear” collection. Shades of orange look amazing especially when you’re gaining a summer glow in the heat. Wear them with everything because orange is the new black. 

Block Heel Sandals w/ Criss Cross Straps – $24.99 
 I am in love with the mule trend and really wanted the metallic rose gold pair inspired by Gucci last year. I couldn’t get lucky with the metals so I picked up this lower red version from Rainbow. I love red shoes they look best when paired with fashion neutrals like denim black and khaki. The style makes it easy to just slide them on and step out the door.

Knit Sneaker – $12.99

 I also got these soft sneakers from Rainbow. I love running shoes for working out att the gym. They are perfect for cardio and are best for the treadmil. I also wear them to work because they are just really comfortable. 

I hope that you were able to gain inspiration from my haul. I apologize in advance of any of the pieces are currently sold out. I would love to know if you purchase something in the comments below. Until next time Happy Shopping.