Fancy Feet: Shopaholic Cart Confession

          I happened to be out and about in NYC yesterday and finally made it into my go to stores for trend spotting. I love a good flatform  sandal and at the top of the spring I always try to get my hands on a metallic shoe. Bronze is the new black and I will literally pair them with everything! 

This multi-layered sandal is a cross between a sandal and a sneaker. The white ridge bottom will make them super comfortable. I love the balance between the different shades of cork paired with the bronze. With a summer skin tan these will look so amazing in the summer time. 

     Zara has a bunch of new and amazing styles for the new season; but, I just fell in love with these. I definitely see myself trying to avoid wearing them every single day. 

I would love to know if you also love these shoes. If you have any suggestions of heels or new shoes for the spring, I would love to read about them in the comments. Until next time… Happy shopping! 


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