Month: July 2017

Life’s a Beach 

You can’t kick off the start of the summer without a trip to the beach. I was in need of a day of sand and sun and visited a small beach out in Long Island. I wore my Shopaholic Merch swimsuit and a pale pink coverup. 

I am trying to preserve my new found growth since I’ve been taking my HSN Vitamins. These braids have been thee best protective style. I haven’t had them in quite a while and have since been obsessed! 

I really needed a day of relaxation. I have been keeping so busy. It is nice to be able to sit back and decompress sometimes. Shopaholic Merch is definitely here to stay but I am so tired! I can’t wait to show you what else is in store for the month of July. 

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer and I definitely hope to see some of you out and about in New York this season. Until next time… happy shopping. 


Curl Fest and Disappointment

In life I have to be realistic. I have been almost on a race to complete all of the ideas that come to my mind and bring them to fruition. I have been consistently excellent at styling lots of shoots and trying to get Shopaholic Merch off of the ground. If I am being realistic I have to understand that you cannot go through life without disappointment; especially when running a business.

I reached out to the facilitators of CurlFest offering my styling services and got a response shortly thereafter. One of the five women reached out to me and we discussed the looks for each client briefly. I created a mood board of some looks that I felt would be fresh and youthful for their presence on the lawn. They had previously always worn Ankara and other African-inspired garments so I wanted to go in a more contemporary direction. The client also confirmed my thoughts when she stated that a. Few of the women didn’t want anything tribal since they had done it the previous year. 

We struggled to be able to organize a meeting being that the ladies responded with less than a week’s notice before the actual event date. We eventually set up a meeting and I set out on my way. I didn’t expect much but knew I was going to do my job as best as I could. 

I arrived at the meeting early and I was instructed to head up. When I arrived only one out of the five women were present and I only knew of one other girl being on the way. Once she arrived I made her aware that one of the designers we had spoken about was not able to drop off her designs. She insisted that I push to get together with her and I then travelled from Brooklyn to New York’s Penn Station and back to pick up the items that we had spoken about. The disappointing aspect was that once I returned to the Brooklyn apartment the women didn’t seem to be interested in anything I had brought over. Personal styling is a sensitive entity so that is understandable. The frustrating part is that the girls had seemingly already seen all of the designs prior and didn’t even bother to try anything on. I had done a lot of leg work for absolutely nothing.

Only one other client had arrived and there were two others missing who seemingly never had plans to come out in the first place. I had completely wasted my time, energy and money. I almost decided not to attend CurlFest at all, but I had convinced my friends to go and now felt obligated. 

I did offer my services but I felt it common courtesy to at least acknowledge the disconnect. At any rate, I had a great time and saw so many beautiful women and men out on the lawn. I probably won’t do any more personal styling projects this year and will stick to photoshoots. I’m not frustrated at all I just wanted to express my disappointment. I know my business has to be growing because this has never happened before. In life I always try to see the positive in everything.