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Shopaholic Beauty Post: Scottish Scavenger Hunt 

No matter where you are from in the world, everyone loves to smell good. I have never been a fan of strong, perfume scents. Since I have been old enough to purchase my own self-care products I have, had a specific idea of what I wanted to smell like. I have always favored light, fresh, and clean scents with a feminine sweet hint. When I find something that I like I will usually stick to that. 

     I had never, ever heard of the Scottish Fine Soaps before and I was curious about the scent, quality and formula. When it comes to body care we all can’t agree because different people have different preferences. As I said earlier; I don’t like strong perfume, or overly sweet scents. The Au Lait line of Scottish fine soaps has a clean fresh scent with a hint of milk and baby powder. 

After I got the opportunity to smell the line I was hooked! I wanted to stock up. The line is surprisingly hard to find. I was able to locate the bulk of the line on websites like but this luxury line is not cheap. When I found out that the collection of bath and body products were sold at Marshalls, TJ MAXX, and HomeGoods I began to hunt. 

Not only are these products sold there they are sold at a fraction of the cost! I have since stocked up and every now and then I check back to see if I can come across a few restocked here and there.

So the next time you are out shopping and stumble upon this line of products give it a try! I would love to know your thoughts! Until next time happy shopping!