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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Stripe 

     I love to push the envelope when it comes to approaching everyday style. I get bored very easily so wearing things that are tricky to pull of are intriguing. If you have ever seen Beetle Juice or a vintage prison uniform you would probably never ever want to attempt this look. Fashion should be fun so I did just that. 

     Stripes are very tricky in general. Vertical stripes can be very slimming while horizontal stripes tend to make things look wider than they are. The key is knowing your body type. I am a true believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. There are however, some helpful guidelines that can help you look more visually appealing. 

If you’re smaller on top then you want to wear your horizontal stripes on the top portion of your body and vice versa. If you have wide hips and you want to wear horizontal stripes then go for a thinner line pattern or one with alternating pinstripes. At the end of the day you look the best when you’re confident. If you love the way you look nothing else really matters. 

     If you think your outfit may or may not look like a prison uniform then give them a good pose and own it! Always put your best foot forward in fashion. Life is to short to wear boring clothes. 

Top – HM (4+ years ago) 

Pants – Fancy Kouture

Shoes – BU 

Sunglasses – Gucci 


No Basics Brunch: Print Edition 


I had the pleasure of attending the third installment of the No Basics Brunch, hosted by Damon, Ty Hunter and Claire Sulmers. I love print and I love bold colors! I was super excited to find that the theme the hosts chose for this particular event was just that! Everyone at the brunch looked amazing and this is just a quick recap of some of my favorite looks.


As I mentioned before the event hosts (above) choose a theme for each brunch event. The theme from this event was print; specifically African prints. Damon wore suit by Kehinde Wiley, Claire wore a beautiful set from Doku’s online market place and Ty wore pants from Midget Giraffe and a neckpiece from Zuvaa. They definitely exemplified why they are leaders in fashion. 

   I know it may be hard to identify but if you will remember my feature from the first brunch you will be able to see Melenigma’s gorgeous face. She was serving “You can’t sit with us”realness at the brunch with this oversized sun hat from H&M paired effortlessly with shiny gold androgynous shoes! One of my favorite looks of the day! I had to share.  

I mostly attend Saturday brunch to catch up with friends. I always like to keep up with what’s going on with people and see if I can help in anyway. The fashion and beauty world can be closed and hard for people. Brunch is a good way to tighten your network of friends and build stronger relationships.   

I love to meet new friends and catch up with old friends. You would be surprised how you can meet someone in another town or city and share similar interests and zip codes.  The No Basics is a place for fashion minds and unique style to be showcased. It may seem awkward to be different in the business world. But here being different is celebrated.     


Instagram: @alwayzpretti

Hair Stylist, MUA, & Wardrobe Stylist. Fashion news and modern domestic writer for EGL.

Instagram: @Kira_Nacole

Fashion Designer. Wearing her own design.   

Instagram: @kerry_fiona 

Beauty, Life and Style Blog Editor. 

Instagram: @myseleganceboutique

Owner of Myselegance Boutique  wearing a jumpsuit from her store.

Instagram: @marshbarscloset

Fashion Blogger, contributor for “Pretty Girls Sew” magazine, and EGL.   

I decided to wear a Dashiki from the Forever21 x RonBass Collaboration and I paired it with multi colored fringe heels and an oversized Suede Fringe Clutch.   

Instagram: @herstyle_byFashion

Blogger, Stylist and Creator. 


Instagram: @midget_giraffe

Co-Founders of Midget Giraffe. Corey and Linda also wearing their own designs.    

As you can see everyone is unique and everyone adds their mark into the world in different ways. I am glad to be able to call each one of them a friend.   

Candid photo of the ladies outside the brunch with fashion photographer Visuals by Pierre.    


I love to see women of color, who are entrepreneurs that can socialize and do positive things… together!  


Sometimes you get trapped in social media and being “plugged-in” can be a good thing. Nothing beats meeting in real life and building relationships. 


Style brought us together. 


But our personalities make us friends… Until the next brunch… See you guys later.  

Shopaholics Anonymous

So I haven’t really been updating my blog as I should… Because I have been working very hard on a special project. I am here to tell you guys hat I am having my very first Fashion Event that I am putting together by myself! The event is happening at the end of the month on August 30th which also happens to be Labor Day weekend. So if you will be in NYC for the holiday weekend I would love it if you came out!

What is the event about? I love all things fashion but more than anything else I love style. I love the idea of putting looks together and changing makeup and hair to transform myself (or anyone else for that matter). So I gathered some extremely fashionable people to give you their tips and tricks for fashion and confidence.

Who will be there?

Cris Cavallari


Cris has a very unique style and she was the perfect choice to host the event. She is the epitome of femininity and exudes nothing but confidence in everything that she does. She keeps it real and says what’s on her mind in the best way! I love her personality and I know you guys will love her just as much as I do. She’s coming from Philly and I would love for you all to meet her.


20140805-111114-40274043.jpg<br /

Mirza (aka The Prince of Peace)


Mirza is a bearded gentleman. He will be talking about his sense of fashion and men’s style. Mirza will also be answering questions that the ladies may have about what kind of style attracts him to the opposite sex. I promise you will not want to miss this!


Q Willz


This man works very hard on his craft which is music. He is ALWAYS singing. God has blessed him with talent and I would love for him to share his talents with all of you. Mister R&B smooth will be doing two songs but if you guys like what you hear I’m sure he will have more! This is new music so be open to it and I’m sure you will catch the great vibes.


Makeovers… There will be four makeovers at this event ( two male and two female) I have two up-and-coming stylists and one makeup artist coming to style four guests at the event. they willdemonstrate simple techniques on how to style someone for the office, a party, brunch, dinner date and more! You need it they can style it! You won’t, I repeat you WILL NOT want to miss this event! There is more but I think you guys are starting to get the point.

If you are interested in being one of the models we makeover send an email with your NAME, HEIGHT, MEASUREMENTS, SHOE SIZE, a HEAD SHOT and FULL BODY SHOT to

Location. The event is set to take place at Pranna Restaurant on August 30th from 4-9 pm. Since it’s the last weekend before Labor Day I think it’s only fair that everyone wear white!

There are many more details but I don’t want to bore you so stay tuned for more updates!