March Madness: Seven Deadly Spends

 I have been demonstrating a lot of restraint when it comes to my impulse shopping. I have been busy shopping for other people; as I am still heavily working on Thee Shopaholic Styled Me. Recently I have been browsing the stores to see the coming trends for this Spring. I have combined seven pieces that I’ve purchased or added to my summer wish list. The best part… there’s enough time for you to get your hands on them as well. 


HM Dress – $19.90 (Sold Out online but still available in participating H&M stores)

This flowy dress in a bright coral is perfection! This affordable dress is definitely a must have for a stellar summer wardrobe. Pair it with bright yellow, white or neutral hues. I love the off-the-shoulder detailing but as a woman with a bigger bust I appreciate the thick straps to cover a bra or bathing suit. The tassels were probably another strong selling point for me as this trend is going to be everywhere this year. 


Kat Maconie Thea Aztec Leather Heel – $290 

These shoes are not for someone who is shy with style. Whether you like simple silhouettes with killer statement accessories or just love bold colors and out loud style you can appreciate this piece. These color block heels have a lot of personality. They are a bit pricey so you first have to determine if they are worth the investment. If it’s a trend for you I say don’t get them. But if the only reason is that you have nothing like it I say Buy! 


Lace up barely there heeled sandals – $42.50
If you like more traditional footwear maybe this pair is more you’re speed. I love a good red shoe and these strappy heels are a great wardrobe staple. They don’t require too much instruction in terms of styling because when done consciously, these sandals can literally be worn with anything.


   Lantos – $70

I am not a fan of clutches and small purses, but in the summer no one wants a huge leather bag sticking to the side of your body and wrinkling that coral dress we got a few paragraphs ago… I prefer a structured bag nowadays and this egg colored piece with gold hardware is right up my alley. It also comes in a black option which I think is more practical for someone like me who is more prone to accidents. Either decision is great in my book. 



Alize – $70

No summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of flats. The particulars are totally personal preference but I love this strappy number. In the office they can add interest to a cropped cigarette trouser or sheath dress. If your fair-skinned I say go for the nude option when your tan comes in they will look amazing. 

Long Vest – $69.99

If you have been keeping up with the blog you probably already know how I feel about black items. They have to be interesting in a way that does not relate to their color, or in this case abscence of color. I love this vest because of the myriad of fabrics. This can add a smart flare to a whimsical outfit or pair it with those black flats and a crisp white shirt dress and a red lip for a spring brunch.


Puma Sneakers – $180

I Almost never talk about sneakers but it has been a while since last we spoke so I figured I would add an item to change the pace a little. Rihanna has launched yet another collaboration sneaker with Puma and I have to say that I am intrigued. These red faux high tops are dope and totally gender neutral. I love that Puma is going against the popular sneaker silhouettes and I think it’s that quaintly that draws me to the brand.
  If you’re still here I appreciate you for letting me justify this shopaholic confession. I would love to hear what you would purchase, have purchased or can’t wait to share with a friend. Until next time Happy Shopping.



Balmain For H&M First Look

I had pretty much engrained in my mind what I was going to purchase from the Balmain for H&M collaboration this fall. Every year H&M collaborates with a coveted high end brand to bring luxe affordable trends to the general public. This is probably the highest anticipated collab to date. I am certain that this will sell out almost immediately. 

I have been combing the inter webs vigorously for the first looks. Since the initial announcement we all saw the photos of the first few pieces that brand designer Oliver Rousting debuted an an award show early this year. My eyes went straight to Kendall’s beaded blazer! I thought for sure I was going to go in get the blazer and get out. 

I found what I assume to be all of the photos from the collection earlier today and just had to rush home to share them with my Shopaholics. I love them all! I don’t know what pieces I will get my hands on but this collection did not disappoint at all. 

I won’t say what pieces I will be purchasing just yet, I will save that for a future post as the date (November 5th) gets closer. But I will instead leave all the pieces that stood out to me below for your viewing pleasure! 





I would love to know if you will be lining up to shop this collection. Do you love it? Do you hate it? I would love to open a discussion in the comments section below! 


New York Fashion Week: What I Wore

You guys would not let me forget to complete my Fashion Week Series… I see your comments messages and tweets. The next stop is the train of what I actually wore. I attended shows six out of the seven days of the official fashion week! 

  Day One: Charles Miller

I wore a H&M trend, striped shirt dress as a duster. The sequined t-shirt I wore underneath was also from H&M and I have had it for years! For accessories I wore a pair of plum chunky heels I purchased on DEPOP. They are from Nine West and matched the look perfectly. I wore my June by June Ambrose handbag and my H&M wide brim fedora. I finished off the look with a dark lip and this easily became one of my personal favorite looks. 

Day Two: Shaun D Ross  
The next stop was the Shaun D Ross Presentation. I was surprised to learn that he had a collection for fashion week. Shaun is a well known model in the fashion world and I was intrigued to see what he was showing. Stay tuned for the details of that! 

I never wear black but I fell in love with this jumpsuit style. If you guessed H&M, you are correct. I did not opt for the jumpsuit but instead purchased the blouse. I am tall so I wanted the option to purchase a well tailored pant that would suit me better. 

This look was all about accessories so I paired my red bohobazaar suede fringe  clutch with fuzzy heels and another H&M wide brim fedora! I just love a good hat! 

Day Three: Essence Street Style Block Party 
The next day was Sunday. I had a long list go shoes to attend but instead I decided to stick around at the Essence Street Style Block Party. Arryles and Ron Bass were presenting their new collections plus it was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while. 

I wore a bright coral jumpsuit from Roxx  by Hotpoint that I had purchased last summer. I was going to be doing a lot of walking so I paired the look with my gold ALDO flat sandals and a huge statement necklace that wasn’t a necklace at all. If you read my previous Fashion Week post on accessories you already know the deal. 

Day Four: Fashion Night Out  
On Sunday I rested in the morning and attended the Fashion Night Out Party hosted by a few fashion bloggers and notable style influencers. I wanted something casual minimally chic and no fuss. I paired this Snake print longline blazer that I purchased from the K&G Store with jeans and a t-shirt. I kept the palette neutral with Greta and black boots to keep the focus on the jacket piece. This is something I could definitely wear again.

On the fifth day I took a seat on the fashion bench to rest and recharge. I pretty much went to work and came home to turn in early. 

Day Six: Angela Simmons (Fail) 

The fifth day… Was the day that I was MOST looking forward to. I have been following Angela Simmons fashion long before there was a template drafted for the Instagram app. I am a huge fan of her business as well as her style. Although I tried my best to leave work early and take a cab to the venue at Kia Style 360 I was unsuccessful in attending the show. I even set aside what I thought was my best look. 

I paired a sleeveless coat with this monochromatic Kim K style look. I paired a turtleneck and maxi pencil skirt which I purchased from a store in Queens, New York called “Tick Tock” with my Forever 21 vest. I wore my new favorite statement piece once again and decided to wear my mini fro. I didn’t get into the show but I looked amazing! If I do say so myself.

 Day Seven: Tumbler & Tipsy 

The final day I was so tired! I didn’t prep the night before, I over slept and woke up late. When I looked at my clothing rack I saw stripes. I decided to play into the theme and paired all of my black and white pieces together. 

The shirt dress and blouse are from Rainbow. I again wore the shirt open in a duster style and paired the sheer blouse with a assymetrical striped skirt from H&M. 

All the looks from this fashion week came from old and new pieces that I styled together to make one cohesive look. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 













Let me know in the comments below which of these looks was your favorite. 

If you like any of the looks don’t hesitate to share them with a friend. Until next time. Happy Shopping! 

Shopaholic Cart Confession: New In Store


     On my way in to the office I stopped in to the mall to see if anything sparked my interest. I found a few fabulous pieces and I just wanted to quickly share them with you. In an attempt to curb my impulsive shopping tendencies I will let you guys tell me which pieces I should go back for. 


     My first stop was ALDO Accessories. There are just a few of these accessory only stores here in New York and most of them can be found pretty close to the ALDO Shoes store. I don’t usually gravitate towards bracelets but I love the weight of this one… The chunky, yet sleek design makes the piece look expensive. I definitely love this one.


     I’m sure all of my shopaholics have a variation of this necklace. I love this particular color story because it is great paired with my favorite warm neutrals for the autumn season. This can add glam to a casual look and take a simple black office dress into a dinner date or drinks with the girls. To buy or not to buy? 


     I used to love big statement earrings but lately I haven’t been wearing any earrings at all. When I do it has definitely been these “ear jackets.” They are basically a small stud with a descending assortment of stones or pearls surrounding the base of the earlobe (almost like a half moon or halo). 


     I usually find these in a wide variety at ALDO. If you have an accessory location near you be sure to pop in and see what they have. If you don’t have an accessory location near you I am sure the shoe store has some of these styles as well.


     If I can’t find a hat that I love it’s a sad day. I love this faux leather and leopard variation! I am definitely going to Add this to Cart! I can’t wait to show you guys this gem! This is definitely a MUST HAVE. 


     I love this patterned dress from H&M. It is just cute and comfortable and can be styled in so many ways. Throw on a blazer and flats for the office or thigh high boots and a red lip for date night. I love the simple pattern and I live for black and white. 

     I don’t really gravitate towards graphic t shirts but there’s something about a graphic sweatshirt that gets me coming back every fall. The zipper details at the front make this piece great for layering over dresses and tops in the colder months or you can just unzip and wear with cutoff shorts on a cool summer night. 

     Ponchos and giant scarves are a must for transitioning through a season. You might not need a jacket at the warmest parts of the day in September, but in the nights and early morning (commuters can attest to the fact) it’s definitely getting cold. Keep this in your bag so you don’t get sick. Get a cool pattern like this buffalo plaid or a hounds tooth… Because comfort should also be chic. 

     Speaking of buffalo plaid… I have noticed a few of my favorite style influencers have picked up this jumpsuit from Forever 21. I love one and done pieces especially for a lazy day of fall style. Don’t get me wrong this can give you a months worth of outfits if you play your pieces right. I might add this one to the collection. 

     This last F21 piece is perfect for the simple lady. It is from their Contemporary line and comes in camel (shown) burgundy (behind) and black (not shown). I love the peekaboo cleavage detail and center slit at the front. So sexy! I think for $19 I may pick up all three. 

I would love to know what you thought of my picks! In the comments below let me know which of these I should and should not add to cart! Thanks for reading! 

The Laundry Blues 


 Usually I would come on here and give you guys a great speech about how I put my outfit together. I would tell you about why I went to the store to purchase it, and how I got a great deal… Not today. I pretty much wore this because I forgot I had to attend this event and I didn’t do my laundry. This was one of the few clean items I had. 

I think my favorite style is street style. I am constantly inspired by fashion living here in New York City. I think the best fashion experiences come from the streets. The city is so diverse in culture. The individual beauty of trend is exciting and every individual has a story. 

How you carry yourself determines how your story is portrayed to others. I could have let the fact that I wasn’t wearing something I necessarily would have due to a lack of clean clothes tell my story for me; instead I made the best with what I had and it worked out great! 


 One thing that I have started to realize is that my style a little different. I may share similar taste with a few people… I may get the SAME THING, but I almost never wear it the same way. I am a dreamer so I had to add my dream catcher gold flash tattoo from ALDO. 

I have been staring at my Steve Madden Fringly sandals for weeks. I decided to unbox them for the In Her Shoes Beauties Brains event yesterday in Dumbo. I must admit they are pretty but not without consequence. The event was standing room only with a short seated panel. I definitely wanted to kick my heels off and spare my feet. 

I paired the cobalt blue fringe with a chunky blue rock necklace that I purchased from Macy’s during the holidays last year. I love monochrome with just a pop of color. My chartreuse clutch purchased from ROXX was just that. I just love hats and you guys know I am here for the accessories! 

The main course was definitely this printed shirt dress. I fell in love with it as a two piece set from H&M but I ended up selling the pants. My personal style is just that, personal. I wear pieces that I love and I try my best to wear it with confidence. Until next time… Wear whatever you want and don’t let your style wear you! 

-Thee Shopaholic

Hat & Shirt Dress- H&M (Sold Out) 

Clutch – ROXX by Hotpoint (Two summers ago) 
Necklace – Macy*s (Sold out in blue)

Shoes – Steve Madden 

Sunglasses – ALDO (In store only) 

The Jewelry Box

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love accessories. I can go to the mall and walk out without a shoe or any clothes but I must peruse the accessories. My favorite places to find them are usually ALDO Accessories (especially for necklaces) and the costume jewelry kiosks within the mall. On Friday I found a great piece in H&M.

H&M has recently updated their accessories and I am loving their pieces. My favorite is a pair of mirrored earrings. I love statement necklaces but I have been slacking on my big earrings since my hair has gotten a little longer. These are gaudy yet sleek. I think paired with a short haircut or a sleek ponytail anyone can pull them off.

I was even more excited when I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers Shirley B. Eniang featured them in her latest Haul Video on her YouTube channel (I shared some of the images from her video above be sure to check it out) This is my latest addition to my “Jewelry Box” I will have more of these posts as I expand my collection. Let me know if you want to see more of these posts by hitting the like button. The link to purchase the earrings are down below. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


H&M mirror earrings Gold/Silver – $12.95

Shopaholic Winter Storm Survival Kit

Hey guys… Winter is DEFINITELY here. We have our first official storm of the season and it’s a big one. New York is expecting about one to three feet of snow. If your expecting me to tell you to get fruit flash lights and canned goods you can close this window now! This survival kit is for my snowed in shopaholics. There aren’t any power outages and all of your family members are good. This survival kit is for the shopaholics who just want to avoid complete and utter boredom and cabin fever while you wait for the storm to pass.

As you can see this is not your traditional survival package. But this is what I picked up to wait out the storm. I will start with food. Everyone on social media is showing images of long lines in the grocery store. Guys it’s Monday. You should have done your grocery shopping over the weekend. But who am I to judge. The refrigerator is stocked but you will need some unhealthy snacks to eat while you keep busy.

My favorite sweet is Toffifay it’s a hazelnut caramel chocolate heaven. It’s not for everyone but it’s my all time favorite candy. Spinach dip and chips are so good and won’t pack on too many pounds… Spinach is a vegetable right! Cashews are one of the least healthy nuts but they are oh so delicious. Finally you can make a whole wheat vegetable wrap with avocado, grilled peppers, mango and a sweet chili sauce that will make wonder if meat was ever necessary in life. Wash it down with Moscato… or water if you’re saved.


You’ve got your snacks now it’s time to get comfortable. Get your favorite satin robe. And comfortable undies. Feel free to add slippers or fur adorned heels if your snowed in with bae. Why ruin a great outfit… We are deep in the trenches of cuffing season. But be safe… No babies this summer we need to plan a popping vacation and unfortunately they don’t allow skinny dipping on cruises with children on board.


You’re comfortable you’re fed… Now what? That depends on your attention span. You can curl up with your favorite book or magazine. I picked up Gentlewoman, and Vogue. Fashion week is coming up and I can’t wIt to see what looks the runway will inspire. You can also catch up on emails or read digital downloads of your favorite novel. If you are more interested in writing get your favorite notebook and pen and use the forced “me time” to jot down a poem song or share deepest thoughts. Hopefully the wine will spark a masterpiece. Or the water will get your creative juices flowing if your saved.


If all else fails turn to social media to occupy your time. Search for upcoming social events via Instagram, or promote your own on twitter. If you are a home body then watch movies on Netflix or a tutorial on YouTube. Download new music and relax. Put on a face mask and lay back… Paint your nails, deep condition or steam your hair. Your only as good as the company you keep so why not start with you! Whatever you decide to do while you are stuck in the house I would love to hear about it! Tell me what you did or plan to do in the comments section below. Enjoy your snow days… Juno (the winter storm) is a blessing in disguise as long as you are prepared!


Shopaholics Anonymous


So… I have a confession. I spent entirely too much money this weekend. The good news is… Almost everything was on sale!

I went to H&M to check out their new arrivals… As well as browse the sale section. I received their ever evolving magazine in the mail last week and I circled my top 5 picks from their latest additions.

I was able to pick up a few things and I left a few things that I felt could be purchased at anytime. I’m gonna share all of them with you.

Oversized Cotton Shirt – $29.95

I have always loved the classic Shirt Dress. You can’t go wrong with a white dress shirt (pun intended). The boyfriend cut of this piece makes it super sexy, while the loose fit makes the styling possibilities endless. I shared more details in my last post if your interested. I took a peek at the online availability today and the sizes are going fast but if you pop into your local H&M I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding it.

Fitted Dress – $34.95

The next piece is a classic black dress in a super simple silhouette. The cap sleeve and Bodycon style makes it something you can add to your closet and have FOREVER! Pair it with a blazer a cardigan wear it alone with a statement necklace or paired with some pearl or hoop earrings… For $34.95 you really can’t go wrong. I did not get this particular piece because I didn’t have time to try it on but let me know how you like it if you get yours.

Pencil Skirt – $24.95

This next piece has been on my mind for a while now. The grey midi pencil skirt is great for the corporate lady. It’s a step out from the black pencil skirt. If you value variety in your work attire this will double and even triple the possibilities in your wardrobe. Most of the pairings you do with your black pencil skirt will look great with this as well. You can also turn this look into a dress by pairing it with crew neck and turtleneck tops for effortless fashion in the office. The thick stretchy material hugs you in all the right places.

Lace Dress – $59.95

If you don’t work in an office environment and you are a fan of dresses and bold colors you will love this piece. There’s no stretch but this lace dress is going to go flying off the shelves soon. It’s something you definitely have to try on but I love the color and lace dresses are my favorite kind of “lady-sexy.”

Ribbed Jersey Skirt – $49.95
The last piece I love is this burgundy zip front midi skirt. It is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. It’s trendy with the zipper but I think it adds character to any outfit. I love midi skirts and I think I may be building a collection.

If you had to pick one of my top five which would you be most eager to try? Let me know down in the comment section. Happy Shopping!

Wardrobe Planning


I had an interesting conversation with celebrity stylist Marcus Blassingame last week at Bianca Golden’s Model Workshop. We are talking about fashion and styling and he brought up a great point. Whether you are a stylist, style enthusiast or just like to dress well you are pretty much always planning your wardrobe. If you like to dress well you might plan an outfit days before if you have a big event coming up. If you are a style enthusiast you might plan your outfits weeks before to stay on trend or maintain your unique fashion sense. But as a stylist you are either three months ahead or 100-300 years behind.


Today I am only going to go forward about 3 months. The winter is moving along quite smoothly and the items I told you to add to your wardrobe for the fall should still be translating through this season with the addition of a nice warm coat. The temperatures have been brutal. But I’m sure you are still turning heads with your chunky sweaters and over-the-knee-boots and fedoras.

I have some good news. Spring is almost here! More importantly Fashion Week is almost back in New York City. Even though Fall Fashion is showcased in February I wanted to show you some pieces that will prepare you for the coming Spring. (Did I lose you?) if you go into your favorite retail locations right now you will notice that EVERYTHING is on sale. Ever wonder why stores always seem to have sales at the same time? It’s not because they want you to spend all your money; although it is helpful. They need to clear space for the incoming Spring fashion.


Most retailers pull items inspired by the runway or celebrity style. I was out shopping yesterday and today looking for style predictions for the Spring and I came back to report them to you.


The shirt dress. This is going to be a must have this Spring. If you stick to basic colors (white, chambray) the styling possibilities are endless. This is a timeless piece so invest well.


But if you don’t want to break the bank with all the winter sale shopping you have been doing pop in to H&M. They have an affordable loose fitting shirt dress. At only $29.95 even if you hate the style next year you won’t lose out on much money.


It runs big so take that into consideration when choosing a size if you’re shopping online. The style is supposed to fit loose so don’t go down too many sizes. I know this post is a little long winded so I will close here. Let me know in the comment section if you would like me to show you some ways to style this piece. Hope this was helpful.

Ways to Wear Pink Tweed

I had the pleasure of going thrifting with a friend this past Tuesday. I HAD to stop into my favorite lower Manhattan thrift store “NoRelationVintage.” I tried on a million things but thankfully I only left with two. I purchased a fabulous pink tweed skirt and a purple marble pencil skirt. Today I will show you three ways I would wear the pink skirt.

One of my new rules for shopping in the new year is that I have to be able to style it in at least three different ways. I love buying unique pieces but to avoid one wear pieces that get stuck in my closet forever!!! I want to invest in multi use pieces only.


Turtleneck – HM
Necklace – ALDO
Boots – ZARA (more…)