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The Shopaholic Brand

     I do not even remember where I was the day I decided to refer to myself as a “Shopaholic” but the name definitely stuck! I do know that this title means something to me. Shopping is not an addiction. It is an experience. I have wanted to wear my title for quite some time. I have figuratively worn this hat proudly for the last few years. I finally thought it was time to create something physical.

      The first thing I did was create the logo. I was inspired by the Supreme brand and everything that it stands for. I didn’t want it to be exactly the same but still noticeable. I found an unworn champion hoodie in my styling trunk and decided to give it a test run. I created three other looks and shared the mock up on my social media platforms. I new the neon combo would not be for the faint-of-heart and originally wanted it to be one of a kind. 

     A friend of mine was in town this past weekend and hosted a networking event and I decided to attend. I could not wait to wear my new sweatshirt especially since the weather was hinting of rain. I paired it with my American Eagle distressed jeans and my pink Aldo pumps. 

     The look was a hit and all of a sudden everyone wanted the same hoodie. One rule of business that I always follow is to give the people what they want. I hate it when people make something that can’t be duplicated. I really love all the shopaholics that have stuck by me over the years and want to make sure I can give them what they want. 

     I have already began to fulfill orders and can’t wait until all of the supplies are in so I can begin to ship them out. I am really excited about this new business venture an even more thrilled to show you guys what’s coming next.

Until next time… Happy Shopping!