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Shopaholic Personal Style: VB x Target 

     I have seen this skirt on a lot of bloggers and it is not one of the easiest pieces to style. The bold pattern and silhouette is very over powering and you should try your best to keep everything else simple to avoid looking like a circus clown. I am here to show you how I would style this skirt to suit my own personal style. 

When you are surrounded by a super bold shape, color or pattern it’s best not to fight against it. Depending on your body shape you want to pick a color already present in your pattern and use it to complete the look. I have wide shoulders and a large bust so I chose the black to style my top to slim down my top half. 

This skirt is refreshing! It is fun and flirty and memorable. The VB skirt is going to be something you grab for a special event or brunch. You are definitely going to command the attention of the room with this outfit. I honestly feel that heels are definitely the way to go but you can pair with a pointed flat as well. 

     For the street style version of this look I paired it with a graphic tee in a similar color palette and finished it off with a statement pin and simple black heels. There are several ways to style this piece but this variation is definitely the most “me.”

 I would wear this to a business meeting or personal style consultation with a client. This is a stylists business attire (lol). I enjoyed styling this piece and I hope you guys liked my version of this look. 

     I have included a few other images of some close up views of the details of this look. I would love to know which picture was your favorite. 


50 Shades of Nude: Women of Color

If you are a fan of the shoe industry you might be familiar with this photo. Christian Louboutin released a “Nude” Capsule, featuring five shades of nude for their customers. I spoke about what constitutes “nude” in terms of fashion a while back when I covered the release of the Nubian Skin undergarment collection. 

In this post I will share my top picks for women of color that live towards the darker end of the spectrum. I have chosen three standard silhouettes that you should have in your nudes collection. I have also shared some simple style techniques for you to understand how they might be used in the real world. 

I will start with the classic pump. This shoe can be worn in a business attire office work room, on a date with your significant other, and to a wedding or special occasion. This nude can be paired with absolutely every color! The purpose of a nude is to blend in with your skin tone and elongate your silhouette. This is your non-color. Make sure the contrast isn’t too obvious when choosing your shade of brown. Like foundation the shade should blend almost seamlessly. 

I styled the suede version of this classic pump for a casual yet sexy date night option. I went for the distressed Canadian Tuxedo (Denim top and bottom) a Bordeaux lip and a very “now” fringe bag. 

The next stop is the minimal sandal. This shoe is trending right now. However it is a shoe that I feel will be in style forever. Perfect for summer nights this is another heel that is essential for a shopaholic. I personally feel the suede makes the shoe look a bit more expensive but any leather finish will do just fine. 

I’m sending you to brunch with the girls. Just throw on a simple t-shirt and heels for a no fuss look. A statement necklace and sleeveless trench will be sure to make the girls feel like you took some extra time putting your look together. Olive and Khaki green looks great on warm brown skin tones but any trench will be sure to turn heads!  

 Who said mules were only for old ladies? I have been loving the mules lately. I will give you guys a break on this one… You don’t HAVE to have a nude but you have to admit the thought is provoking. If your already tired of brown shoes, opt for a classic black or red shade. 

A laid back day party… An after work mixer… Speed dating. Any of these occasions, where you want to look like you tired without actually trying… Where you want to apper to be well dressed without being high maintenance (lol) you get the point. This simple style formula. Fitted Jersey Dress + Mule +Structured Handbag = Non Threatening Chic (hat optional). If the dress is too simple for your taste a statement necklace is always encouraged. If you are more of a minimalist go for studs and a simple chain pendant.

 The final shoe is a bit more sexy… Has a bit more toe cleavage and is designed for a spicier woman. If you have more of an inclination for the finer things in life and simple is not in your vocabulary… This is the shoe for you. 

This outfit can be good for many things. Important boardroom presentation… A wedding… A formal date. I will let you decide! Tell me in the comments below where you would wear an outfit like this! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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