Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Stripe 

     I love to push the envelope when it comes to approaching everyday style. I get bored very easily so wearing things that are tricky to pull of are intriguing. If you have ever seen Beetle Juice or a vintage prison uniform you would probably never ever want to attempt this look. Fashion should be fun so I did just that. 

     Stripes are very tricky in general. Vertical stripes can be very slimming while horizontal stripes tend to make things look wider than they are. The key is knowing your body type. I am a true believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. There are however, some helpful guidelines that can help you look more visually appealing. 

If you’re smaller on top then you want to wear your horizontal stripes on the top portion of your body and vice versa. If you have wide hips and you want to wear horizontal stripes then go for a thinner line pattern or one with alternating pinstripes. At the end of the day you look the best when you’re confident. If you love the way you look nothing else really matters. 

     If you think your outfit may or may not look like a prison uniform then give them a good pose and own it! Always put your best foot forward in fashion. Life is to short to wear boring clothes. 

Top – HM (4+ years ago) 

Pants – Fancy Kouture

Shoes – BU 

Sunglasses – Gucci 


Outfit Of The Day

The autumn season would just not let go! I am forever grateful for this Indian Fall weather we have been experiencing. I took advantage of this beautiful day in New York to share a look with you guys. 

It’s not that often you get the opportunity to wear open toed shoes in December. As a newyorker I am used to the cold by now. This was something I quickly threw together with some recent purchases I made towards the end of last year. I meant to share this with the Week In My Wardrobe posts but never got around to it. 

I shared the details of this hunter green jacket as well as the leatherette pencil skirt a few posts back. I paired them with a transition neutral grey top and simple black sandals. The warm weather is long gone now but this look can easily be adjusted with the addition of a pair of boots and tights. 

I am still getting used to having hair on my head so I wore this oversized brown fedora simply because I love hats. The starve to necklace is from fancy kouture accessories. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this quick outfit and I hope to get the opportunity to share my personal style a bit more here on the blog. Please be sure to subscribe for more like this in the future. Happy Shopping! 


Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe 

I’m pretty sure you guys are either following along or completely sick of me by now. But we are over the mid week hump. I can not stress enough how much I love the color green. I rarely do head to toe color but green is definitely the new black. 

Basic t-shirts are a wardrobe essential. I picked up a bunch of colors from Tick Tock and Rainbow. These simple stretch tees are super cheap and I don’t get upset when I ruin one because they are only five or six bucks. I knew I had to get this green because it looks just so good on brown skin. I have said it a million times. I picked up the green skirt from ZARA and shared links and details in a previous blog post. 

The shoes are from ROXX boutique. ZARA also has a similar style in different colors but I picked these up for $35. A few weeks ago. I think this outfit is classic and timeless. It’s not over done and can be worn on many different body types. I have a large bust so I would normally wear a vest or blazer over top. But if you love your rack by all means embrace it!   

I really enjoys sharing these looks with you guys. Please let me know if you enjoy them and I will be sure to continue doing them in the new year. If you have any questions always feel free to ask. I would love to know what your favorite look is this far. Until next time… Happy Shopping! 


Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe

I absolutely love my personal style. How I like to style myself is completely different from how I style my clients. I get to experiment with shapes, textures, prints and patterns. This week, I have decided to take you guys through seven days of my personal style. I hope it will bring you inspiration as we round out the end of the year. 


If you have been following my blog, you probably already know that I have developed a new found love for all things khaki green. This waterfall blouse is perfect for all seasons. It was a balmy 62 degrees here in New York today, so I paired it with an open-toed sandal in the same color and my favorite pair of distressed jeans. This look is perfect for an early date or a casual brunch affair. 

I spent the day in Brooklyn with one of my good friends and this was comfortable and chic. I purchased the top from a local boutique in Queens called “Tick Tock” for $19. This can be a cape, blouse or even a beach cover-up. I am sure I will have this for seasons to come.

Since the flowy top can be a little over bearing and make me look wide, I opted for a fitted pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans, which I purchased early this year from Forever 21. If I could wear them everyday I WOULD. 

Finally my shoes and clutch are from an old faithful boutique, you should know called ROXX. I get most of my accessories from there and continue to get my trendy pieces from their two locations here in Queens. 

Personal Style should be personal. That means you should wear what You want and makes You feel good. If you don’t love your style how can you expect someone else to love it. Put your best style forward and forget about what everyone else is wearing.

I would love to know what you wore today. Be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts and use the hashtag #ShopaholicPersonalStyle I would love to share your style with my readers. Until next time… Happy Shoppping. 


Detail Report

You guys know I love a good detail. I like to consider details to be things that you can add to ANY outfit to bring it to the next level. This can be a hat, a necklace or a killer pair of heels. This post is going to be all about accessories. On Sunday I went to my favorite cultural venue… the mall!

My first stop was -you guessed it- H&M. I spotted a gorgeous winter white two-piece set that I just had to have. It was only 49.95 total! I couldn’t find a link to the website but check your local H&M for availability. I also spotted a cool grey hat to add to my collection. The hat was also $24.95. I’m not sure if the items haven’t made it to the site yet or if they are already sold out but if you find a link let me know. It should not be hard to find in store because they had a bunch yesterday.






My last stop was ALDO shoe store. Anyone that follows me on social media knows I love a statement item! Before all the insta-boutiques came to be I would always get my pieces from ALDO or ALDO Accessories. This particular silver piece called the Cotham Necklace is available for $40. The necklace is made very well and will be a part of my collection for a long time. I am definitely a happy shopper.


I could not wait to wear the necklace to work today so I created a look inspired but the hat and necklace.






Grey Top Hat- H&M
Blush Blazer- ZARA (Spring 2014)
White Top- H&M basic tank dress tucked in to pants.
Grey Pants- Oldnavy (about 10 years old)
Leopard Kitten Heel Shoes- Topshop (2-3 years old)

I would love to know where you guys shop for your “details!”I could not find any of the direct links to what I specifically purchased but I did link some comparable items from the same retailers for those interested. Hopefully this gave you guys some inspiration. Talk to you again soon!

Mai Express Pick (in Realtime)


The Real Daytime has quickly become my favorite daytime talk show. I never get to watch because I’m usually at school or work when it is on the air. The network usually shows lots of clips from the show each day on their YouTube channel (TheRealDaytime). On Wednesday I tuned in to see if I missed anything great and stumbled upon a great fashion find. Jeannie Mai, the fashionista of the show was wearing a stylish White blouse with contrasting black detail and I fell in love! She paired the top with a matching coral suit set and metallic heels.



I know that the ladies (Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housely, Adirenne Baillon, Jeannie Mai and Loni Love) always share there looks of the day on the shows Instagram page (@thererealdaytime) so I quickly searched the page to find the deets on the look.


I found out that the Portofino blouse with contrast piping was from Express Runway and was only $49.50! Even better news Express is currently having a sale on all of their merchandise. Everything on the site is Buy one get one half off… Who doesn’t love BOGO! The blouse comes in quite a few color options but I decided to go with the opposite and equally classic black option. And the cherry on top of the cake… there is a double sale!!! $25 dollars of of a $75 purchase using code 1890 (Act fast because the sale ends on October 13th) I ended up getting both tops for less than $50.


I could not wait to wear my blouse in the office so I wore it today! I decided to wear the black version and paired it with my black disco pants from American Apparel, black patent flats from Payless and a bright pink blazer from H&M.



I could not wait to share this sale with you guys! If you get a chance to stop in to Express please share on your social media pages and tag me! (Instagram: @thee_shopaholic, Twitter: @Shopaholic411)

STATEMENT NECKLACE!!! Check my previous post for all the deets!



Back to School Essentials


The summer is almost officially over now… even though this week long New York heat wave is saying otherwise. Almost all of the students in the universe have gone back to school. I am popping in really quickly to share some back to school essentials for you ladies to check off your list. This is not something that you guys have to feel the need to go out and buy. These are just some inspirational looks that I put together in my head. Take note of the structural combinations and do not worry about the actual pieces. If you see a pair of burgundy boots know that any boots of the same shade and style will recreate the same effect.

As the leaves begin to fall and the sun sets sooner the nights will get cold. Every fashionista needs a sensible jacket. Depending on your sense of style this can be a leather jacket, a quilted liner coat, or a classic trench.



If you live in a slightly warmer climate and don’t quite need to get your outerwear out of storage just yet you may just need to stock up on some good quality cardigans to keep you comfortable in air conditioned libraries and classrooms. Over sized “grandpa” cardigans or “boyfriend” blazers are a great and easy way to make it appear that you put in way more effort than you actually did. You can go bold with prints or get a comfy/chunky knit.



You may be pulling all-nighters writing papers and studying for exams. This may make it difficult to construct a chic outfit early in the morning. Stock up on one-and-done pieces like jumpsuits and simple dresses that make snooze-button mornings less damaging on your classroom attendance. Stick to solid colors that make it easier to repeat outfits and style in multiple ways. Throw a chunky sweatshirt or denim shirt over a jersey dress to wear it as a skirt. Add a pair of jeans to the same dress and you have a long sleeved top. The possibilities are endless but less apparent if you stick to neutral colors like black, blues and grey.



The absolute basics of any casual wardrobe stand on the foundation of a great pair of denim pants and a white t-shirt. Make sure you find the right silhouette for your body type and don’t break the bank! H&M offer a great range of denim and sizes range from 24-36.



To complete the looks make sure you have a great back pack and sensible shoes. Heels are always great but not at all practical for the classroom. Instead invest in a sensible flat, comfortable sneakers and a good pair of boots.

20140902-231212-83532624.jpg<br /

What did you wear on your first day back in class? Comment below! Did you post a picture? Tag me on social media. (Instagram: @thee_shopaholic) (Twitter: @Shopaholic411)


A Week in My Work Wardrobe

So a couple weeks a go I got a promotion at work that requires me to switch from my usual care free work attire. Those of you that know me personally are aware if the fact that I wear scrubs at work. We are allowed to wear “Civilian” clothing into the office but we change upon entry. This has made it very easy for me to wear whatever I want and occasionally post an interesting OOTD or two for you guys. But since my position has changed slightly, I now have to wear business casual clothing. This inspired me to post some of the outfits I was able to come up with in the last two weeks.


The first day in was a bit hit or miss for me. I had not worn business casual since leaving the bank years ago; but, for the most part business dress is pretty self explanatory. On my first day I wore a navy blue long sleeved mock turtleneck blouse with leather appliqué and a printed navy blue and pink cropped dress pant. To accent the pink in the pants I put on a pink suede flat in a similar shade. My bosses were not too happy with the pants but they loved the top (which I thought was so weird) and she told me to wear solid bottoms and stick to neutral colors. So I’m going to share with you five days of business attire that met the needs while still remaining fashionable. The best part is I didn’t have to buy anything!



Mondays can be dreadful depending on wear you work. My weekends are almost always busy so I really hate getting out of bed on Monday mornings. I kept it low key with an over sized Grey chiffon top which I buttoned half way and tied in a knot above my belly button over a matching grey pencil skirt. I finished the look with a pair of white open toe lace up booties to tie in the white polka dots on the shirt. My boss was pleased with neutrals and I received lots of compliments.



Tuesdays are usually my best days. There’s a cute guy that works on Tuesdays so I usually put in a bit more effort. This blue and pink blazer and slacks combo seemed a bit dull and typical, so I decided to incorporate a printed shoe. This kept the look interesting without going over the top. This is my favorite look of the week.



Hump day. The week is almost over so I decided to test the waters with print again. I slowly bring in a bold print with a cardigan. But I kept the rest of the look simple with a white v neck t-shirt and a red pencil skirt. Simple black flats finish off the look and keep it from looking over done and office appropriate.



On Thursdays my favorite Tuesday coworker is back in the office again so I decided to go with an all black look. Black is instantly sleek, sliming and flattering on everyone. The blazer covers the crop top ensuring that no skin is exposed but makes it easy to transition the look from day to night by removing one layer. So if he asks me out for drinks I’ll be ready to go with these black heels.



On Friday I put on an easy dress and heel with a simple black blazer. This look is super comfortable and also transitions well for any plans that may come up that evening with my friends. The houndstooth print is super appropriate for the office and fun for the bar or dinner. The bright clutch makes it fun and adds interest to the outfit out of the office. I hope these looks inspire your work attire. If you recreate any of the looks be sure to post pictures on social media and tag me!



Saturday was super chill and I stayed in bed all day sending emails and preparing for my event Shopaholics Anonymous that’s coming up this weekend.



I decided to share my business casual Sunday outfit with you guys. I took out my red pencil skirt once again for church on Sunday. I decided to create a monochromatic look similar to Mondays work fit. But since I wanted to make it more church oriented I decided to pair the look with some pointed pumps with an ankle strap. Perfect for a Sunday brunch that followed shortly after.

Which look was your favorite?
Which of these looks will you be trying in the office next week?

Signed- Thee Shopaholic.

Happy Bloggerversary Thee Shopaholic!


It’s so crazy to think that I have had a blog for six months!!! To celebrate I have decided to blog everyday for the month of June. I started my blog back in November right around my birthday and so far I am close to 4,000 views. I appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog and share it with others. I think blogging everyday will also help me to learn my audiences interests. I have taken last week off so there were no blog updates (but feel free to stay up to date by following me on Instagram @thee_shopaholic.) and I took the time to organize how I wanted to share this with you all and also make it enjoyable. Make sure to subscribe to the blog below on the bottom right to see what I have planned for you guys.

The blog will feature an OOTD (outfit of the day) every Sunday, Makeup tips and tricks on Monday, on Tuesdays I will talk about things and people that inspire me as well as technology and things that I wanted you guys to try out. Wednesdays I will be sharing my wisdom with you guys so you can have great hair skin and nails this summer. Thursdays are going to be a little tricky and I am going to attempt to do 4 tutorials for you this month. Depending on how much time I have to devote towards the tutorials they may be in the form of video or simple steps with photos. Fridays will be devoted to my latest fashion finds and Saturdays will be all about selfies… this will be a weeks reflection and summary for those that didn’t have time to catch up during the week.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like me to feature on the blog this month and I will be sure to include it! The blogs that receive the most interest will help me to decide what you guys actually want to see. It’s June first and it’s also a Sunday so to kick off this Blog marathon I have decided to start off with Sundays OOTD. This particular OOTD features 2 outfits that I have worn in the past 3 days. I went to a meet and greet for Macy*s “Next Style Star” hosted by YouTube’s The Platform, Maya Washington ( Shameless Maya) and Raye Boyce (ItsMyRayeRaye). I decided to go with denim on denim and flats since the event was sure to include a long line and lots of standing. The second look was a simple scuba t-shirt and jeans for my little cousins 4th Birthday Party. I hope you guys enjoy and make sure to subscribe to remain up to date on what I have lined up for you guys!


Top: H&M
Jeans: Oldnavy
Belt: Topshop
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: NineWest
Bag: Dooney and Burke




Top: J Brand
Leather Jacket: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors


Lookbook Overload




So I was going through some of my old photos on Instagram as I was trying to evaluate my wardrobe and find an outfit for BeautyCon this weekend and I decided to share what I found with you guys! I really enjoy putting new looks together. It’s no secret that I love to shop! If you are subscribed to my blog you already know some of my favorite places to shop:

Is my favorite places to find clothes for work, outfits for a night out and pieces to complete and outfit. The price point is almost always super affordable and great for any budget.


Is my favorite online haven. They have a range of styles and prices to satisfy any stylists wish list. Anything from an extravagant sequin mini dress to a denim pleated midi skirt is available and can be to your door in as little as 2 days.


Is my favorite place on earth to find quality pieces. I like to pic up handbags, shoes and dresses here. If you are looking for outerwear pop on to ZARA and take a look! Trench coats blazers and winter coats are timeless and great pieces to invest in.


If you are in a time crunch and don’t have to much time to shop check out forever 21. Their pieces are not going to last you forever all the time but they are always on trend for any night club event or night out with the girls.


Most of my latest exciting shoe purchases have come from ShopRoxx and the coral jumpsuit above has also come from this little gem. There are only 3 locations here in New York City so if you live in the area be sure to check them out.


Where is your favorite place to shop?

Which of my looks is your favorite??? Leave your thoughts and questions down in the comment section!