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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Stripe 

     I love to push the envelope when it comes to approaching everyday style. I get bored very easily so wearing things that are tricky to pull of are intriguing. If you have ever seen Beetle Juice or a vintage prison uniform you would probably never ever want to attempt this look. Fashion should be fun so I did just that. 

     Stripes are very tricky in general. Vertical stripes can be very slimming while horizontal stripes tend to make things look wider than they are. The key is knowing your body type. I am a true believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. There are however, some helpful guidelines that can help you look more visually appealing. 

If you’re smaller on top then you want to wear your horizontal stripes on the top portion of your body and vice versa. If you have wide hips and you want to wear horizontal stripes then go for a thinner line pattern or one with alternating pinstripes. At the end of the day you look the best when you’re confident. If you love the way you look nothing else really matters. 

     If you think your outfit may or may not look like a prison uniform then give them a good pose and own it! Always put your best foot forward in fashion. Life is to short to wear boring clothes. 

Top – HM (4+ years ago) 

Pants – Fancy Kouture

Shoes – BU 

Sunglasses – Gucci 


Saint Records and Mixed Prints

I have really been feeling uninspired at the kick off of this year in fashion. I did not attend any of the New York Fashion Week shows I was invited to. If you follow my social media you probably know I have been knee deep in completing my new portfolio and it has kind of taken over my life. There is one person who consistently inspires me to try new things in fashion and that individual is Solange Knowles. 

Solange always dons the most unique fashion wears and I would love a day to play in her wardrobe. She constantly pairs the most tailored fabrics in bold and trendy colors and has a knack for pairing bold prints. Ever since she cut off all her hair she has really been on top of the fashion conversations. 

If I could model my wardrobe after her I would do so because I have a shared love for color. If you go through countless images of the songstress you won’t find much black. I believe that the tailoring of the garments polish the look and make them chic.

I definitely love the flair of her style. There aren’t many people that can pull off these bold looks. Her makeup is always super simple and enhances her natural beauty in every sense of the word. Only Knowles can wear head to toe green without looking like a potted plant. 

I love the overly structured details paired with the bold patterns. I would love to try to recreate some looks inspired by some of her best fashion accomplishments.

Solange is definitely a fashion icon and I can’t wait to watch as her fashion sense evolves. I have included some more of my favorite looks below for you to look through. I would love to know who your favorite fashion icons are in the comment section please share who inspires you to experiment with style. 


Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe

I absolutely love my personal style. How I like to style myself is completely different from how I style my clients. I get to experiment with shapes, textures, prints and patterns. This week, I have decided to take you guys through seven days of my personal style. I hope it will bring you inspiration as we round out the end of the year. 


If you have been following my blog, you probably already know that I have developed a new found love for all things khaki green. This waterfall blouse is perfect for all seasons. It was a balmy 62 degrees here in New York today, so I paired it with an open-toed sandal in the same color and my favorite pair of distressed jeans. This look is perfect for an early date or a casual brunch affair. 

I spent the day in Brooklyn with one of my good friends and this was comfortable and chic. I purchased the top from a local boutique in Queens called “Tick Tock” for $19. This can be a cape, blouse or even a beach cover-up. I am sure I will have this for seasons to come.

Since the flowy top can be a little over bearing and make me look wide, I opted for a fitted pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans, which I purchased early this year from Forever 21. If I could wear them everyday I WOULD. 

Finally my shoes and clutch are from an old faithful boutique, you should know called ROXX. I get most of my accessories from there and continue to get my trendy pieces from their two locations here in Queens. 

Personal Style should be personal. That means you should wear what You want and makes You feel good. If you don’t love your style how can you expect someone else to love it. Put your best style forward and forget about what everyone else is wearing.

I would love to know what you wore today. Be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts and use the hashtag #ShopaholicPersonalStyle I would love to share your style with my readers. Until next time… Happy Shoppping. 


Shopaholic Style Directory: Ren Gray


I’m a brown girl that was born and raised in the South Bronx. I come from a single parent household and have always had aspirations of being successful. I’ve attained a Master’s degree in Public Administration with specialization in Human Resources and have always had the desire to give back to my community. I chose a career path in higher education, where I can help students who are accompanied by lower incomes receive financial assistance to achieve their educational goals. Although the sense of fulfillment I feel is immeasurable, I have always expressed my passion for fashion and therefore, recently created.                     

T H E G R A Y S T Y L E, my very own fashion blog.


If I can sum up my personal style in one word, it would be SERIOUS. I love pieces that are structured and defined in its shape. Although I like patterns and color schemes, nothing screams a woman about her business more than solid colors. It is a commanding force in any room and I find it very elegant. If there is one quote that would say sums up what I try to exude in the pieces I wear, it would be the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”. 



I am indeed a shopaholic. My mom says I have a serious problem, because I continue to buy items and I’m a homebody –lol. I seriously have items I bought years ago and still have yet to wear, tags and all.


I would have to say the Fall season is my favorite style season. I love the idea of layers and layers of clothing, boyfriend jeans, big sweaters, leather jackets, leather pants, fur, suede and I can’t forget over the knee boots… no greater combination.


To be quite honest, I get anxiety when shopping in stores with tons of people. I’m an online shopper; I’m that girl. Eighty percent of my entire closet is from Asos; skirts, dresses, white button down shirts, scarves shoes you name it or see it it’s probably from Asos. If I’m not shopping online, Zara it is. What girl doesn’t love Zara? It gives me that classic working woman feel. It’s so chic.

I like timeless pieces that are classic. I tend to deviate from the more trendy pieces because I am a saver. I shop smarter, not harder.


As far as my style inspiration, I have to give credit to MiraSlavaDuma, Instyle Editor, Kahlana Barfield Brown, Solange Knowles and Christine Centenera. They are all such classy stylish women.


Shopaholic Style Directory: Delightful Ace ♠️

Who is Delightful Ace? I am currently a Makeup Artist for Sephora. I have a passion for makeup, I use my art to make others feel beautiful, I would love to extend my artistry hand as far as Fashion, Movies, Broadway, you name it. 

Do you consider yourself a shopaholic? 

No not really, I actually buy things as I need them and hardly wear them again. I shop on the go.

How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite style season? 
I would say my style is eclectic, I don’t have a preferred fashion look, I am a rebel when it comes to fashion, I almost never know whats in trend, I wing it, but if I did have to pick a fashion season it would be Fall, I am a sucker for sweaters, thigh high boots and hats.
Where do you choose to go for a day of retail therapy? 
For retail therapy I would go to my any local thrift store, because it allows my mind to create amazing outfits out of clothes people got rid of. 

What is your favorite trend? What is your least favorite trend? 
I love them ALL! 
You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy? 
I defiantly would go to H&M because they have both business savvy and dinner wear at reasonable prices. I would buy a cute pants suit and for dinner a cute black dress. 
Being a self employed beauty vlogger can be challenging; how do you balance time? Where do you hope to take your career in the beauty and fashion industry
Ugh, there is just never enough time in the day! My mind is constantly racing with ideas, I always try to accomplish something, even if am dead beat tired. I intend to take my beauty career to Essence, BET, the big screen etc. I want my name to be known, I want my style to be recognized, I want to be the greatest version of myself. 
Connect with me:

Instagram: @delightfulace

Youtube: Delightfulace12