Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Stripe 

     I love to push the envelope when it comes to approaching everyday style. I get bored very easily so wearing things that are tricky to pull of are intriguing. If you have ever seen Beetle Juice or a vintage prison uniform you would probably never ever want to attempt this look. Fashion should be fun so I did just that. 

     Stripes are very tricky in general. Vertical stripes can be very slimming while horizontal stripes tend to make things look wider than they are. The key is knowing your body type. I am a true believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. There are however, some helpful guidelines that can help you look more visually appealing. 

If you’re smaller on top then you want to wear your horizontal stripes on the top portion of your body and vice versa. If you have wide hips and you want to wear horizontal stripes then go for a thinner line pattern or one with alternating pinstripes. At the end of the day you look the best when you’re confident. If you love the way you look nothing else really matters. 

     If you think your outfit may or may not look like a prison uniform then give them a good pose and own it! Always put your best foot forward in fashion. Life is to short to wear boring clothes. 

Top – HM (4+ years ago) 

Pants – Fancy Kouture

Shoes – BU 

Sunglasses – Gucci 


Shopaholic Style Directory: Kelly Rowland

     Kelly Rowland has been a crowd favorite for years. The second strongest presence of the Destinys Child trio Kelly has had our hearts for years. She has been turning heads recently in the fashion scene and I am here for every single look! She is definitely style goals for me and her looks inspire me to be just as fierce. 

     Kelly has been serving bold prints and semi structured silhouettes. This look is super trendy right now and if you’re not tuned into the latest fashions you probably wont understand it. The luxe pajama trend is one of my personal faves and I hope it never becomes main stream. It reminds me a little of the principle we spoke about in my last post. A solid jumpsuit inside and a floral jacket in a similar color family. 

     Another look that Kelly’s stylist Ade Samuel has been keeping her in is bold stripes. The key to nailing this look is to go for complimentary colors and pair textures that wow. The velvet pants and suede boots compliment the season of the textured coat! This is one of my favorite looks! 

     Another trend that is more wide spread is a good coordinate set. Matching sets have been around for years! I love these because they amplify the potential of your wardrobe. You can wear the look together or style the pieces with your existing wardrobe separately. One coordinate set can be styled in three different ways.

    My my my… the jumpsuit is much like a dress in the sense that once you put it on your outfit is pretty much complete. This bold suit is very detailed and I love this shade of pink on women of color. This is another win from Ade Samuel and she nails it every single time! Kelly is a style icon for sure this year and I hope the duo keep this up! 

In the seasons where outerwear is necessary it is essential for a fashionista to have a statement coat. Statement coats are the perfect way to express your sense of style when you have to cover up your actual outfit. 

     Head to toe color! It’s like Kelly and Ade know my heart! Red is one of those hues that look so rich in excess! You can’t go wrong with head to toe color! If you want to add sex appeal you can pair a blazer with the silk an satin pieces they hug and drape the body effortlessly and scream style! 

     When Ade isn’t styling Kelly she’s probably bring us new shoes like the ones seen here on Kelly on a set. The pairing of bold color with classic style is what keeps Samuel at the top of the shoe companies watch list for footwear in fashion. 

     I enjoy the style that these women have been sharing and it inspired me to share it with my readers. I would love to know which look was your favorite. Which one do you think you would try? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. 

March Madness: Seven Deadly Spends

 I have been demonstrating a lot of restraint when it comes to my impulse shopping. I have been busy shopping for other people; as I am still heavily working on Thee Shopaholic Styled Me. Recently I have been browsing the stores to see the coming trends for this Spring. I have combined seven pieces that I’ve purchased or added to my summer wish list. The best part… there’s enough time for you to get your hands on them as well. 


HM Dress – $19.90 (Sold Out online but still available in participating H&M stores)

This flowy dress in a bright coral is perfection! This affordable dress is definitely a must have for a stellar summer wardrobe. Pair it with bright yellow, white or neutral hues. I love the off-the-shoulder detailing but as a woman with a bigger bust I appreciate the thick straps to cover a bra or bathing suit. The tassels were probably another strong selling point for me as this trend is going to be everywhere this year. 


Kat Maconie Thea Aztec Leather Heel – $290 

These shoes are not for someone who is shy with style. Whether you like simple silhouettes with killer statement accessories or just love bold colors and out loud style you can appreciate this piece. These color block heels have a lot of personality. They are a bit pricey so you first have to determine if they are worth the investment. If it’s a trend for you I say don’t get them. But if the only reason is that you have nothing like it I say Buy! 


Lace up barely there heeled sandals – $42.50
If you like more traditional footwear maybe this pair is more you’re speed. I love a good red shoe and these strappy heels are a great wardrobe staple. They don’t require too much instruction in terms of styling because when done consciously, these sandals can literally be worn with anything.


   Lantos – $70

I am not a fan of clutches and small purses, but in the summer no one wants a huge leather bag sticking to the side of your body and wrinkling that coral dress we got a few paragraphs ago… I prefer a structured bag nowadays and this egg colored piece with gold hardware is right up my alley. It also comes in a black option which I think is more practical for someone like me who is more prone to accidents. Either decision is great in my book. 



Alize – $70

No summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of flats. The particulars are totally personal preference but I love this strappy number. In the office they can add interest to a cropped cigarette trouser or sheath dress. If your fair-skinned I say go for the nude option when your tan comes in they will look amazing. 

Long Vest – $69.99

If you have been keeping up with the blog you probably already know how I feel about black items. They have to be interesting in a way that does not relate to their color, or in this case abscence of color. I love this vest because of the myriad of fabrics. This can add a smart flare to a whimsical outfit or pair it with those black flats and a crisp white shirt dress and a red lip for a spring brunch.


Puma Sneakers – $180

I Almost never talk about sneakers but it has been a while since last we spoke so I figured I would add an item to change the pace a little. Rihanna has launched yet another collaboration sneaker with Puma and I have to say that I am intrigued. These red faux high tops are dope and totally gender neutral. I love that Puma is going against the popular sneaker silhouettes and I think it’s that quaintly that draws me to the brand.
  If you’re still here I appreciate you for letting me justify this shopaholic confession. I would love to hear what you would purchase, have purchased or can’t wait to share with a friend. Until next time Happy Shopping.


Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe

I absolutely love my personal style. How I like to style myself is completely different from how I style my clients. I get to experiment with shapes, textures, prints and patterns. This week, I have decided to take you guys through seven days of my personal style. I hope it will bring you inspiration as we round out the end of the year. 


If you have been following my blog, you probably already know that I have developed a new found love for all things khaki green. This waterfall blouse is perfect for all seasons. It was a balmy 62 degrees here in New York today, so I paired it with an open-toed sandal in the same color and my favorite pair of distressed jeans. This look is perfect for an early date or a casual brunch affair. 

I spent the day in Brooklyn with one of my good friends and this was comfortable and chic. I purchased the top from a local boutique in Queens called “Tick Tock” for $19. This can be a cape, blouse or even a beach cover-up. I am sure I will have this for seasons to come.

Since the flowy top can be a little over bearing and make me look wide, I opted for a fitted pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans, which I purchased early this year from Forever 21. If I could wear them everyday I WOULD. 

Finally my shoes and clutch are from an old faithful boutique, you should know called ROXX. I get most of my accessories from there and continue to get my trendy pieces from their two locations here in Queens. 

Personal Style should be personal. That means you should wear what You want and makes You feel good. If you don’t love your style how can you expect someone else to love it. Put your best style forward and forget about what everyone else is wearing.

I would love to know what you wore today. Be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts and use the hashtag #ShopaholicPersonalStyle I would love to share your style with my readers. Until next time… Happy Shoppping. 


Shopaholic Style Directory: Kerry Fiona


Who is Kerry Fiona?

      I am a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger at, as well as a Beauty Consultant at Sephora.


Do you consider yourself a shopaholic?     

     Once upon I time I used to do some heavy damage, now I’m more of a conservative shopper in the sense that I am more conscious of what I buy, like what purpose would it serve in my life. Budget friendly shopper is my thing and I am cool with that.


How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite style season?

     My style would be a cross between Solange and Rihanna. Very sexy, daring & bold with a heavy emphasis on color & prints.

     My favorite season would have to be summer, I’m a huge fan of wearing less and going bra less. So maxi & flowy dresses, cut off or distress shorts they’re simple and easy to style.



Where do you choose to go for a day of retail therapy? 
     I honestly go online, I love to shop online because I find the cutest things online and nine times of ten there is a sale happening which is a major plus. Some of my favorite stores to shop online are Choies, forever21, shoedazzle, & nasty gyal just to some a few.



What is your favorite trend? What is your least favorite trend?

     I don’t have a favorite trend at the moment, anything that promotes confidence and staying true to self is my kind of trend.

      My least favorite trend is the floppy hat trend, I just think a hat like that is not necessary for every occasion and/or outfit. it’s normally worn wrong and unflattering on most folks, it can ruin a perfectly great attire, Sorry not sorry.



 You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy?

      Oh no, that’s tragic. I would definitely hit forever21 and H&M because they’re so commercial, you can find either store in any city, state and most countries. I would purchase a few under garments to get me through the weekend. 

I would then purchase:

 blazer ( blue, black or white)

Faux leather skater skirt, preferably black short or long

Stripe top ( because I’m obsessed with stripes and they look good with anything)

Plain tee

Chambray shirt

White Button down shirt

Denim skinny leg jeans

Something leopard print ( shoe or bag) because Leopard is my kind of neutral accent color

Denim or bomber jacket

A Simple LBD

Tons of accessories to add bling to any look



Being a self employed beauty blogger can be challenging; how do you balance time with your 9 to 5? Where do you hope to take your career in the beauty and fashion industry?

     Being a beauty blogger is extremely challenging, especially for someone like myself that is employed full-time. I don’t necessary have a 9-5, more so I have a 7-3, 1-10, 3-9, and or 11-8 so it’s extremely hard at times to find some sort of balance. I try my best to prioritize and schedule my posts. 

     I typically would set aside a day and do all my product shots, write about each at the and then schedule posts on when I want them to launch. Now, I even try to have a set day for when my post goes out for example (Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Sundays) So people can know when to expect my posts. Advice: figure out a routine and stick to it no matter what.



     I want Fionakmylifemystyle to fall in the ranks with other top beauty sites. I want it to be the go to beauty authority when it comes to products reviews, trending beauty, and styling.







Fifty Shades of Grey


Since the beginning of time women all over the world have been trying to preserve their youth. Makeup, hair dye, and more invasive things like plastic surgery have been aiding women and men in reversing the fountain of youth. 


One of  thee most feared signs of aging has been going grey. I sure many of you have heard that your not supposed to pull at those greys that come with wisdom because five other greys will come to its funeral. 

 Lady Gaga 

So what’s a girl to do? Many people have long since given up the fight. Many women and men experience premature hair color loss, or going grey in as young as their teenage years. Hair goes grey when colour-producing cells stop producing pigment. Naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide can also build up in the hair, bleaching the colour.


 Typically, white people start going grey in their mid-30s, Asian people in their late 30s, and black people in their mid-40s. Half of all people have a significant amount of grey hair by the time they turn 50.

 Toya Wright 

Most recently celebrities have been embracing the grey hair and putting their own spin on it. Beuty gurus, bloggers and fashionistas have also been placing their own mark on the fifty shades of grey. Whether they have gone grey prematurely in their own right, chosen to dye their hair or added colored extensions. I want to know in the comments… Which look is your favorite? Would you try the grey hair trend? 

Nicole Richie Cris Cavallari – Philly Stylist    Ty Alexander – Beauty & Lifestyle Editor and Expert  

 Sonjia Williams – Fashion Designer 

Olori Swank – Wardrobe Stylist  

Jai-Nice – Creative  Director of Kloset Envy

Kerry – Beauty & Lifetsyle Blogger  

Jai-Nice wearing longer grey hair style  

Natural Silver Sista – Transformation Coach   

Gloomy Sunday






I have another OOTD for you guys! I was off to an event in Downtown Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon and I decided to share with you what I wore! The event was celebrating fashion so I decided to bring a little bit of fashion with me… Later that night I crashed on a friends couch and watched a movie… All I did was change my shoes to my new favorite Bright Pink Converse sneakers.

The Tea:
Top| H&M cropped white
Pants| American Apparel Riding Pants Blue
Shoes| Payless Floral Strappy Sandals
Jacket| Forever 21
Watch| Michael Kors Midsize runway in Silver

Hair & Makeup… Me Duh!!! lol







Social Media


Hey you guys! I have a lot of things to share with you guys. I have been working towards making my blog better. The spring is fast approaching and I have to do a lookbook, and tell you my favorite places to pick up spring trends as well as my favorite beauty tips and tricks for the warmer weather… But for the meantime please feel free to keep up with me over on my social media platform of choice, Instagram (@thee_shopaholic) Also comment below and let me know what you love about the Spring! Later Shopaholics!

Tall Girl Problems


So, if you follow me on Instagram (thee_shopaholic) you probably already know that I have been trying to revamp my shoe collection for the spring and summer. I am going to Mexico for Spring break so what better excuse to go shopping! For those of you that don’t know, I have big feet (insert sad face) so it is quite an ordeal for me to find shoes at the last minute. I often find myself buying shoes that I don’t need at the time for fear that when the time comes I won’t have the options. If a shoe fits, I buy it! Sometimes I buy it in all the colors!!! So I’m sure you can understand my new found love for a small, but growing franchise boutique called ShopRoxx.

Because I have a big foot (size 11) I often find that some shoes don’t fit as they should. This happens to people no matter what their shoe size is. Are you a size 7? Have you ever had to go a half size up or down because of the way a shoe fits? Have you ever had to go a WHOLE size up because of how a shoe fits? Well when you wear a size 11 you don’t have that second option because there often isn’t a size up. Of course when you consider some higher end brands like Christian Louboutin you know that sometimes that option is there. But who wants to spend a $1000 on a pair of shoes EVERYTIME!!! Not this frugal shopaholic.

ShopRoxx shoes just seem to always fit! And they are affordable! Any tall girl with a larger foot will testify that finding shoes isn’t easy.Finding cheap shoes is MUCH harder. So anytime I get the chance I pop into ShopRoxx located in Jamaica, NY and I see what new styles are in stock. I have to act quickly because often times for whatever reason my size is never in abundance. In the photo above you will find some of my latest purchases from ShopRoxx as well as some summer and Spring trend inspiration.

The first pair of shoes top left were purchased at ShopRoxx a few months ago. I was looking for a red pair of simple one-strap sandals with a bit of uniqueness about them. These “Strap My Chain Sandals” in the color Red are no longer available on the site but they do come in other colors, namely black and leopard print. So be sure to check it out if you like. If we continue across the top of the page to the right you will find a pair of green strappy sandals. These sandals can be found at NET-A-PORTER and retail for $695 by the brand Nicholas Kirkwood but ShopRoxx has an identical dupe in the colors Salmon and Black and they are only $27! The last pair of shoes at the top right once again are ShopRoxx and I must admit they are the least comfortable of the six, but I love the color and the heel height. Not to mention I love the wider ankle strap as it makes for more interesting outfit posts. They come in three colors bright pink (pictured), a black and a white.

Directly below that you will find a pair of shoes that flooded the social media networks at the end of 2013. These shoes were sold at ZARA but I missed out on getting my hands on them. Imagine my surprise when ShopRoxx added these dupes to their collection! They are still available and come in a Nude and a Blue shade if you already have the black ones and are looking for something a little different. Continuing clockwise you will find a colorful and Spring appropriate pair of Steve Madden heels. These minimal style heels juxtaposed against a bold print make for a very interesting shoe to add to a girls collection if I do say so myself. But retailing at $99 I didn’t feel they were timeless enough to make such an investment. I found a comparable pair with a considerably shorter heel at Payless a few weeks ago and I am satisfied with the compromise considering they were only $24 (YES I’m CHEAP but efficient). Last but not least I’m certain any shoe lover is familiar with the last pair at the bottom left the same story applies to the bottom right, originally sold at ZARA and available now at ShopRoxx for $30. I hope you found some Shoe-spiration in this post and if you find a pair of shoes that you love over at send me a photo or tag me on Instagram and tell them Thee Shopaholic sent you! Happy Shopping!!!