what to wear back to school

Back to School Lookbook

Autumn is just around the corner! We are all trying to squeeze in the last few beach days… But before  you know it the summer will be long gone. I know some states have already gone back to the books. This blog is for my shopaholics who will be going back to highschool, back to college and back to work in September. I have done one of these in the past so feel free to reference my Back To School Essentials from last year along with this one.  

If you are a student and comfortable chic is your goal then this style formula is perfect for you. Sweaters and cargo pants never go out of style. But in order to make the look a bit more stylish stick to one color family and add n interesting shoe or sneaker. Leopard print is the new nude: however, a red or bright pink sneaker will be just as effective. This look is perfect for the classroom. 

You can never go wrong with a white t shirt and jeans. I styled this turtleneck body suit and highwaisted denim pants with a black and white sneaker and a simple red hat. This outfit is effortless but will have your classmates thinking you don’t belong in school but on a runway somewhere. This is also perfect for a date night with your beaux that you haven’t seen all summer. 

This third look is definitely for my fashionistas. This is for the girl who values fashion over comfort. This look is extra simple. All black never goes out of style. It can be easily transformed by finding a black and white printed flat instead of a heel. For all my college fashion, merchandising and design majors this is definitely a look to try for the fall. 

These last two looks are for my teachers. Your summer sabbatical is coming to a close. Being a teacher does not mean you have to sacrifice your style in the least. People respect women in power when they dress the part. Simple knits in neutral colors will have you looking your best while sitting at the front of the room. If your figure is more suggestive the sleeveless duster is perfect for keeping the look work room appropriate. 

This last look is a bit more accessoried; but will still be appropriate for your students. This is for the teacher who has a lunch date I between lectures or a dinner with the husband after work. Add a chunky necklace and a printed clutch for an easy transition from the work room to the dinner table. 

I hope you ladies enjoyed the looks please let me know which ones you can’t wait to try. Remember to study the concept and not the individual pieces when shopping for your fall closet. Happy Shopping!